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Ella Cruz got her Dancing Skills from her Mother

Ella Cruz got her Dancing Skills from her Mother

She may have been the actress-dancer other than Maja Salvador who became viral for her “Twerk it like Miley” dance video, but Ella Cruz’ passion for dancing goes beyond her dance video that has accumulated more than five million views on her YouTube page.

The teen actress-dancer, who recently turned 19 years old yesterday, revealed in an interview with ABS-CBN Lifestyle that she started dancing since she was around five years old, and started dancing to songs like “Otso Otso”, “Macarena”, and “Mambo No. 5”. “Simula nun bata pa ako, sumasayaw na po ako,” Ella recounted.

In fact, it is no surprise that Ella got her dancing talent from her mother, who is into dancing even up to now, and is her first dance teacher. “Si mama sumasayaw din siya nun bata pa siya . . . at siya yun gumagawa ng mga [dance] choreo ko noon,” Ella recalls, smiling at her mother who was also present during the interview.

Several years later, it is very clear that Ella is indeed very passionate for her talent in dancing, and she is more than proud to show it off to everyone. “Ang pagsasayaw…it’s a talent na dapat i-share kasi hindi lahat mayroon.”

Bakit ko itatago yun bigay sa akin?” Ella proudly said on her talent in dancing.

And with the number of fans she has gathered through her dance videos, Ella feels more than inspired to come up with new dance moves and showcase further her God-given talent.

Talk about being passionate for her talent: She can come up with more than one dance video, with the help of her choreographers, per week. Yes, she shared that in a month, she could come up with as many as seven dance videos especially when she has several ideas in mind.

Quick teaser: As of this writing, Ella has around four dance videos that is yet to be released on her YouTube page, so check it out for more updates.

Making “Twerk it like Miley”

Before her viral dance video, Ella has made several dance videos involving mostly Korean Pop (K-Pop) inspired dance moves.

“Sabi ko sa kanya (choreographer Macky Quiobe, who is also Ella’s friend) gawa tayo ng sayaw…at sabi ko ‘Twerk it like Miley’ kasi tutal medyo trending siya para may manood, para interested agad sila (referring to her fans),” Ella narrates.

Continuing her narration, Macky crafted the whole choreography within the day he and Ella talked about making a new dance video, and it took them three hours to fully craft the choreography before recording it. “For fun lang talaga,” Ella said, adding that she shared a teaser of the video initially on her Instagram account, wherein the video clip gathered more than 16,000 likes.

“Kailangan ko siya agad ilabas bago mawala (yun hype), so nilabas ko siya two, three days after,” Ella recalled, citing the overwhelming reaction to the teaser video. The rest is history.

“Sobrang natutuwa ako kasi alam mo for fun lang, pero may magandang napupuntahan,” Ella exclaimed, citing her happiness that her “Twerk it like Miley” video has made waves over the internet.

For the love of dancing

Ella may not be diet conscious or serious when it comes to working out, but she attests to dancing as her only workout routine. “Yun tinatawag kong workout ay yun pagsasayaw”.

In addition, Ella chooses the dance moves she performs as she bases it on what best suits her petite frame. “Meron din binabagayan na kinds of dances,” Ella adds.

Though Ella loves dancing so much, she said that she would not try doing the krumping and locking dance moves. “Mukha akong stick na sumasayaw ‘pag ganun (doing krumping and locking moves),” Ella said in laughter.

Nonetheless, with Ella’s talent and passion for dancing, looks like Maja has a sure successor in the dancefloor.




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