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In Focus: UP Lady Maroon Kathy Bersola Shows You How To Turn Each Setback Into A Major Comeback

In Focus: UP Lady Maroon Kathy Bersola Shows You How To Turn Each Setback Into A Major Comeback


Life is fun and games when you think everything's going your way, but what happens when something unfortunate prevents you from pursuing your passion? Just like UP Lady Maroon Kathy Bersola, who tore her ACL and MCL back in Season 77—that serious knee injury prevented her from doing the one thing she loved the most: volleyball.

For someone who playing volleyball and carrying their school pride on her shoulders at the same time, this incident challenged Bersola like no other. But while it may have brought great sadness to the Lady Maroon, the incident also made her discover some things she wouldn't have been able to find out had she not been injured. She shares with Chalk how she was able to rise from the tragedy and face her fears, and the realizations that made her become the stronger and wiser athlete that she is right now.

1. There will always be people who will help you out in your journey.

One of the reasons why Bersola managed to withstand all the pain and burden was because of the support of her family and her second family: her teammates. Her experience serves as a reminder that there will always be somebody who has gone through the same experience as you, and it wouldn't hurt to seek or ask for help if you need it.


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 2. Feeling helpless is actually a choice.

Bersola might’ve injured her knee, but being the true leader that she is, it didn’t hold her back from contributing to the team in other aspects. Because you see, you can either play the victim or be an overcomer—and just like in the case of Bersola, success usually comes to those who choose the latter.


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3. Struggles do not mean failure.

Bersola proves that a setback is just a set-up for a major comeback. “If you face struggles or obstacles, ‘di yun end of the world,” she says. This tough trial could’ve been an excuse for her to choose the easy way out, but she fought the good fight and came out even wiser, stronger, and better than ever before!


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4. Remind yourself of the things really matter in life.

“Never lose sight of what's important sa buhay mo, like yung team mo, family mo, si God, and everyone else who supports you sa journey mo towards your dream,” she shares.


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While the UP Lady Maroons failed to clinch a spot in the Final 4 of the UAAP Women's Volleyball tourney this year, Bersola is still leaving with her head held high—UP has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with, and the future is bright for her and her other teammates who #DaretoDream.

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