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In Focus: These 'It' Girls Get Real On What It Takes To Get Their Hot Bods

In Focus: These 'It' Girls Get Real On What It Takes To Get Their Hot Bods

There’s no denying that working out with fellow femmes has its benefits. This goes especially for girls who haven’t been active a day in their life. Having a squad with you make its easier to start the habit, helps rid you of any reservations that hold you back from at least trying, and opens you up to some real good vibes! 

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And for women like Anne Curtis, Isabelle Daza, and Solenn Heussaff, who have practically made exercise a part of their daily routine, the results are obvious. 

With their personal trainer, Arnold Aninion 


We gotta hand it to them—the sweat and hours these 'it' girls put into the gym are admirable. And it’s easy to think that because they’ve been at it for so long, working out is uber easy for them.

But in a video posted on each of their Instagram pages which has now gone viral, the girls get real about what it takes to achieve their picture-perfect bods. 

The early risers start their day with a jog around the village. 

Afterwards, they head to an indoor gym to work out with Arnold.  The stages commence as soon as they walk in that door...

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1. Delaying tactics. Or, “mentally preparing” for a workout as insane as theirs was going to be. It’s tempting to want to make sure you and your surroundings are in the right condition before you begin. This could mean checking you have the equipment you need to ensuring the room is the right temperature (see Anne below). Be warned, though: Pushing back your start time also means pushing back your end time, which may not be wise if you have something scheduled right after your sweat sesh (like going to work, school, or an appointment).

2. Bargaining. We’d like to the think of this as the act of begging your trainer to adjust to you, and not the other way around. Until you get used to the intensity of whatever exercise you’re doing, this is probably your body’s way of telling you that it may be too difficult. A funny example is when Anne, Isabelle, and Solenn did rock-paper-scissors to decide who out of the three would have to hold up a bar while standing on one leg.   


This is totally normal! But try not to take too many shortcuts along the way. In the words of Ride Revolution coach Ron Habla, “Half the effort means half-baked results. That slows you down even more.” Think of it as you not getting the results you want, because the exercises you do aren't being done the way they should. And when you finally decide to take things up a notch, you'll need to exert extra time and effort that could've already been spent early on.  


3. Anger.  The emotion felt and the profanities expressed as Anne, Belle, and Solenn struggled to perform the exercises expected of them. Admittedly, smiling throughout a workout isn't exactly expected of anyone. It's close to impossible. Luckily, expressing anger isn’t such a bad thing either.  According to Regina George’s physical therapist in Mean Girls, doing sports is a good way to channel your rage. Whatever's stressing you out or causing your current hugot can be better dealt with in a healthy, productive manner.    

4. Hate Your Life. This is most evident when the “I caaaaan’t’s!!!” become frequent. In between the huffing, puffing, sweating, and grunting, it’s pretty common to ponder over what you’ve gotten yourself into and why you’re doing it in the first place. No matter what fitness level you're at, the struggle to keep up with your trainer, to learn a new routine, or doing the move correctly just might discourage you from continuing to work out. One word of advice is to trick your mind into believing that the "hate" is temporary. Psychology Today suggests to look at exercise as "a reward in itself," which can range from getting better sleep to feeling a runner's high to possibly helping you think better at work. If it helps, the hate will eventually to wear off until you…


5. Finish Strong. At the end of your grueling workout, you and your girls will realize that you actually can pull (or, in their case, PUSH) through! Besides the amazing sense of accomplishment you get after it’s over, and the gradual, visible changes it does to your body, the thought of a delicious (and hopefully healthy) breakfast afterwards will make everything worth it. 


It goes to show that no matter how fit you are, #thestruggleisreal working out definitely isn’t easy. Watch the entire vid below in HD:



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