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In Focus: This Study Shows That The Modern Filipina Is More Empowered Than Ever

In Focus: This Study Shows That The Modern Filipina Is More Empowered Than Ever



Have you noticed how the Filipina is slowly evolving from the passive “Maria Clara” stereotype and is growing into a stronger and more powerful woman of the world? A leading ad agency just released a study that shows us how female empowerment has been performing in our country—and you will be amazed with the results!

A recent study made by J. Walter Thompson entitled "JWT Babaelang" delves into the current state of a Filipina and the direction she’s headed. It examined the concept of “Female Capital,” which discusses the roles and contributions of a Filipina to society. And based on the findings, it seems that Filipinas are at their most empowered stage in history.

"As the study shows, the Filipina today moves at pace with the modern world yet in her heart, she stays true to her traditional roots,” JTW shared.

In this age of self-expression, independence, and countless opportunities, modern Pinays have evidently found their voice, power, and purpose in life—making them less passive and more active in carrying their tasks and achieving their goals, while keeping their values and religious traditions.

Here are some of the other findings that every Filipina needs to know about:

94% of Filipinas agree that it is important for women to step up as mentors for young women.

85% of Filipinas believe that there has never been a better time to be a woman.

80% answered that they are the main household purchaser while 73% make the majority of financial decisions at home.

98% of Flilipinas believe it's more important to show female role models in film and television, while 76% find that there are too many superficial female celebrities and role models.


This is the evidence that the Filipina has risen and she continues to do so as seen in this incredible breakthrough that surely inspires us to improve further.


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