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Hot Stuff: 5 Chick Flick Classics To Binge Watch This Long Weekend

Hot Stuff: 5 Chick Flick Classics To Binge Watch This Long Weekend



It's the long weekend! By now, some of you might have already completed your itinerary and are prepping for your destination, but we're sure many of you are also looking forward to just relaxing and making the most of your summer vacation. 

What better way to chill than to binge watch movies? We came up with a hot, hot list that will keep you entertained, make you double over with laughter, and even spark some girl power in you. So, go pop some popcorn in the oven, slip into your loungewear, settle in your favorite spot and enjoy these recommendations:


1. Easy A

School becomes infinitely more difficult (not to mention distressing) when you have a group of kids who make it their life's mission to bring other people down. But Emma Stone, who plays Olive, teaches us that you can rise above rumors and righteous bullies by not letting their perspective affect or change our true selves. We love how this movie gets serious and sympathizes with the victims of all forms of bullying and shows its repercussions, without drifting too far from being a light-hearted, feel good film.


2. Pitch Perfect

In this movie, good girls, mean girls and queer girls all band together—quite literally, to kick ass at a national acapella competition. Pitch Perfect breaks sterotypes and shows the great heights that women can go if we choose to look beyond cliques and acknowledge the uniqueness of each woman's beauty. Aca-amazing!

3. Legally Blonde

The 'dumb blonde' trope gets a unique spin in this iconic movie, and there's nothing more beautiful and inspiring than a woman who realizes that her worth goes way beyond her good looks. Elle Woods (portrayed by Reese Witherspoon) proves that women can be just as smart and intelligent as they are beautiful and fabulous! She shows that we shouldn’t let other people underestimate us, because who we are and what we become in life depend on how we see ourselves—not how others perceive us to be.  

4. She's The Man

This movie may have been written off as a “silly teen movie” 10 years ago, but can we just say that this film is one of the most highly underrated cinematic masterpieces ever? If taken seriously, it has tons of great lessons that we can actually learn from. But the greatest would probably be how Amanda Bynes exuded so much girl power in her character by reminding us that girls can do just about anything boys can do, and that we shouldn’t let sexist people hinder us from achieving our dreams.

5. The Devil Wears Prada

Beyond those perfectly polished designer heels, Anne Hathaway’s character, Andy, will help you embrace who you are, while also reminding you to always put your best foot forward. (Not to mention, her seemingly neverendign wardrobe change is a great source of fashion inspiration!) We can even learn a thing or two from Meryl Streep’s portrayal of the ruthless magazine editor-in-chief, Miranda Priestly, and her determination to be the best in the business. It’s a hilarious and surprisingly touching film that will make you reassess whether you can truly marry your work and passions, but that in the end, choosing what makes you happy (and fulfilled) ultimately lies with you and you alone.

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