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In Focus: 5 Reasons Why Pia Wurtzbach Will Always Be Our Queen

In Focus: 5 Reasons Why Pia Wurtzbach Will Always Be Our Queen



Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach shared her inspiring journey as she celebrated International Women’s Day at Downy’s #NeverFade event along with other inspiring Filipinas such as KC Concepcion and Bianca Gonzalez-Intal. With her beauty, wit, and charm, it is no wonder why this woman won the hearts of many people around the world (including the heart of hottie racecar driver, Marlon Stockinger).

Her many admirable qualities make up the timeless beauty queen that she is right now, making her a woman we can all look up to. Because we believe we can all be a “Miss Universe” in our own way and just like Pia, we start by empowering our fellow women through kindness, compassion, and hope.

This year, Pia proved once again during the Downy event that, even though her reign may be over, she still is and always will be the “confidently beautiful woman with a heart” that the world has come to know simply by empowering women through these simple acts:

Honor the women who contribute to your success.
Pia surprised her younger sister by honoring her with a heartfelt speech about how grateful she is for her and her unparalleled support, especially during her life’s toughest trials. "Sarah's a very strong person. She empowered me to be the kind of woman that I want to be and, you know what, she still applies that to herself as well. She's a great mom. I have a two-year-old niece and she takes care of the family. She's a great businesswoman and although she's younger than me, I still learn so much from her," Pia said on her Instagram post.

Encourage your fellow women. “One advice I can give to women who feel like there’s no hope: There is hope. Trust me, I’ve had moments when I thought that it was the end, there was no other way. But, really, if you really think about it, susuko ka nalang ba agad? Just like that? The good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is no way but up,” Pia shared.

Be humble enough to accept defeat, but confident enough to acknowledge success. Pia has always been open about her encounters with disappointments and defeats during her Binibining Pilipinas journey. She even admitted feeling heartbroken and ashamed after she failed to win the crown on her second try. But her pain became her driving force to challenge herself more and achieve her goal. Pia just proved that the measure of a true queen is her ability to get back up every time life knocks her down. 


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Wear your heart on your sleeves. Although we live in a place where society is still conservative, what makes Pia different is her candid personality and her outspokenness in expressing her true feelings. She is the epitome of the modern Filipina who encourages us women to speak our minds!

Leave a legacy. “I don’t think that just because my reign is over, it means that I should stop [reigning]. One day, I really hope that somebody is going to see me, going to watch me, going to look at me, and say, ‘I wanna be like her,’ the same way that I dreamed of being Miss Universe, watching the girls on stage as a kid. To me, a truly #NeverFadeFilipina is one that creates a legacy, not a moment,” Pia said. 

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