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Hot Stuff: Why MayMay, Kisses, Yong, And Edward's Future All Look Bright!

Hot Stuff: Why MayMay, Kisses, Yong, And Edward's Future All Look Bright!

Let's try and pull an Ellen DeGeneres and begin first with a dance of joy for Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 Big 4 winners, MayMay Entrata, Kisses Delavin, Yong Muhajil, and Edward Barber. Top winner MayMay Entrata received a nod on Twitter from Vice Ganda regarding her ability to bust a move by the way. Kisses isn't here, but we're totally on board with Mayward. This is a preview Yong posted on Instagram of rehearsals for an upcoming performance. 


Hataw na hataw hahahaha ????

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These bright, young minds and faces have won the hearts of many, since their big win from Pinoy Big Brother one can only begin to imagine the swarm of opportunities that have made a beeline for them since. The four big winners, MayMay, Kisses, Yong, and Edward recently appeared on Gandang Gabi Vice and Vice Ganda had a chat with them about what lies in store. Before that, though, Kisses didn't escape being scared on the show. Vice Ganda had something special planned for her. Take a minute to see the clip. We absolutely love Kisses, aww.


The teens continued to share about their plans. MayMay mentions that for now she will accept the opportunities that are currently coming her way and will pause for now from continuing in her 3rd year of Technology Communication Management. Edward shares that he will continue school while working because someone once told him that "it's always good to have a backup plan."  


Kisses says that a year from now she will continue school to allow the influx of opportunity to settle in first because this chance in the showbiz industry is also important for her but she wants to continue school also because she wants to make an attempt at joining local beauty pageants to see if she can represent the country later on. Yong is currently making an attempt to continue from where he left schooling, grade 9 highschool because when he was younger he stopped. Online he also showed that he hopes to fix up their old house which he loves even if it looks a certain way.  


Last, but not the least, Vice Ganda dares to ask MayMay and Edward the question that all MayWard fans have been wanting to ask. Does Edward have plans of courting MayMay?  



MayWard's answers are safe, proper, and understandable. However, all the feels we keep endlessly trying to read between the two of them have us all in knots since tons of us are so badly wanting to ship MayWard almost like the way the world has excitedly shipped Betty and Jughead on Netflix show Riverdale, but that's fiction, guys. More care and thought is needed between two real people who've just been through an odd sort of personal encounter. Relationships, we understand, shouldn't always have to be in the fast and the furious lane every time, it's not like that for many. Normal life should take its course for two friends to figure out with clear heads if they belong together in the longrun. We on the other side of the these screens are just going to keep watching.


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