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In Focus: UE Lady Warrior Shaya Adorador Shares How She Conquered Self-Doubt

In Focus: UE Lady Warrior Shaya Adorador Shares How She Conquered Self-Doubt



Most people don't know the struggles that come with being a student-athlete. They train as hard as they can to bring pride and glory to their alma mater, yet, when they fail to do so, they have to endure the disappointment and criticism from their schoolmates and, sometimes, even their instructors.

Every day, they face a huge amount of pressure both as students and as athletes. The pile of school work waiting for them after each game surely doesn't make their burdens any lighter. That’s why it doesn't come as a surprise that some of them experience anxiety from time to time, especially if they hold an extra important role in their teams such as being captain.

Take Shaya Adorador, who leads the UE Lady Warriors' volleyball team, for example. As the head of the pack, the pressure can be really daunting—but this Lady Warrior has learned how to gracefully handle all the pressure with these three valuable lessons:

There will always be something (or someone) that you can draw inspiration from. When times get tough, Adorador reveals that she draws her strength and inspiration from God and her family. God plays a big role in her life and He has always served as an inspiration for her and her team. She also shares that her parents' never-failing support still overwhelms her. “Sobrang tagos sa puso 'yung suporta nila. Lalo na 'yung father ko na nagturo [at tumulong] sa'kin  na makarating dito sa kung ano ang narating ko. Siya 'yung sobrang naging inspiration ko.”

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Turn the negativity into motivation.Iba 'yung impact sa'yo ng may negative side, hindi lang 'yung puro positive. Parang du'n ka kukuha ng lakas sa mga negative na naririnig mo.” Aside from proving your bashers wrong, you even get that extra push you need when times get tough. Win-win!


What other people think of you is not important. How you think and feel is what matters. One of the main reasons for Adorador's self-doubt is because she usually thinks of what other people will say. This UE Lady Warrior soon learned, however, that self-improvement and peace of mind start with focusing more on what we (and our loved ones) feel, rather than what other people think about us. After all, these people don't know about our personal struggles, so why should we let them dictate how we feel about ourselves? 


After the UE Lady Warrior's lackluster performance in Season 79, we're sure Adorador's strength of character and confidence in herself will fuel her and her team to #DareToDream even more in the future—whether it's on or off the volleyball court!


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