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In Focus: Pietro Boselli Is #HusbandGoals And #LifePeg All Rolled Into One

In Focus: Pietro Boselli Is #HusbandGoals And #LifePeg All Rolled Into One

If you had a math teacher like this, how can you dread going to class?


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Then you can even daydream of traveling with him (cold places would be perfect for major cuddle time!)...


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But then this hunk of a guy is also one of the most in demand models in the world, so as you envision a future with him, there are thousands more doing the same. Who cares if you've got competition, right, if the prize is this hottie?


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This hunk of a man is currently in Manila, and you're highly likely swooning over his photos from yesterday's Bench Fashion Week show, but there's much, much more to him than just his amazing good looks. Fact 1: While Boselli has been modeling since he was 6 years old, that did not stop him from being into books and school, graduating with a degree in engineering (with honors, mind you), and completing his doctorate in the same field of study last year! He's proof that intelligence can be sexy, literally and figuratively! 

The many looks of this overachieving hottie.


Beyond academics and modeling, here are other reasons that make Boselli total #boyfriendgoals, #lifepeg, and perfect role model:

He has it all—looks, charm, influence, intelligence, and the desire to make the world a better place.


1. He is always hungry for knowledge. Setting aside his modeling career, Boselli spent eight years studying engineering, which resulted in a Ph.D in engineering, focusing on aircraft turbine design. "It is not just about devising a solution, but one that requires the least amount of resources, time and effort," Boselli said in his entry talking about the importance of engineering in general. Yes, this guy wants to help make the world a better place through engineering!


2. He respects and supports LGBT groups. He acknowledges the LGBT group for helping him evolve as a person, and even joins LGBT parades! 


3. He's multi-talented. Aside from modeling and engineering, Boselli is also into baking, and has an eye for photography as well, evident in his Instagram photoblog. Is there anything this guy cannot do?


Looking very proud of my creations ?? can't wait to eat them!!

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4. He takes fitness seriously. Outside of modeling and the academia, Boselli is passionate about fitness. If you want to be as fit as him, you might want to check out his Exercise Anatomy and Workout Philosophy video series for inspiration for your next workout.


Those very casual post-lunch muscle-ups ??????

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5. He's a wise, wise man. And he's generous in sharing advice. Case in point? When someone asked him about his secret in managing his time. Do you have a not-so-nice relationship with math? Boselli has something to say about that: 


6. He breaks the stereotypes placed on models and academicians. Even if modeling and teaching are two contrasting careers, Boselli manages to balance things out. “If you focus on something very specific in your life, that does not mean that you can’t excel at something completely different,” Boselli said in his TEDx Talk “How I survived as professor on the runway and model in the classroom.”

Check out his 12-minute talk in this video:


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Photographs by Vyn Radovan




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