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Hot Stuff: "I Can Do That" Will Keep You Glued To Your Screen, Thanks To These 8 Cuties

Hot Stuff:

If the children on Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids are copying personalities and performances, think about newly launched Kapamilya show I Can Do That  as a leveled-up thrill mimicking challenge show. Will I Can Do That's eight  "I CANdidate" girls and guys dare to meet every task?  


So far, they're full of courage and determination.  Here are the show's brave and bright celebrity challengers. Ladies first!


1. Cristine Reyes-Khatibi. Cristine Reyes is already a lovely mom to baby girl Amarah and doting wife to thrill-seeking car and motorbike enthusiast Ali Khatibi but that hasn't smothered her inner drive and confidence to do daring challenges on the show with the other girls on I Can Do That.  The challenges are fun yet serious ones to consider, she already got her first major bruise from one of the challenges together with Arci.


2. Arci Muñoz. Actress, singer, and sultry online influencer Arci brings her other skills to the table for I Can Do That. She's absolutely game and determined. You can tell because she already managed to give Cristine Reyes an accidental shiner on the eye! There's also a bit of teasing "heat" being thrown in with that "DaRci" moniker since her aerial dance act challenge with Daniel Matsunaga. Are people going to ship that this early amidst broken hearts in mid-air? Perhaps a bit too soon, maybe. Let's focus on the challenges!


3. Pokwang. Beloved comedian and belly-laugh inducing actress Pokwang joins the ICANdidates as the comic-relief for the girls team. The challenges aren't all laughs though as the jumping rope challenge she recently completed may look like it was all smiles and laughter but happens to be one of the most tiring forms of endurance cardio you can attempt to master. She got through most of the tricks, though, together with Gab Valenciano which was very impressive, indeed!


4. Sue Ramirez. Pretty and young TV star actress and singer Sue Ramirez is all sweetness and smiles at her age, but maybe that might be put to the test now that she's on board with the girls on I Can Do That. You'll soon see how even if she dropped the ball during the juggling challenge, she keeps it chill and doesn't lose her cool and keeps going together with JC.



5. Daniel Matsunaga. The joke on the show I Can Do That is that some of its contenders are, you'll notice, seemingly striking  members of "Camp Sawi" (broken hearts club). Posting challenges for them to do kind of works because they're in phases now where they deeply want to prove something to themselves. Perhaps the show can benefit them as some form of therapy, maybe? DanDan Matsunaga is more than just a handsome face, he loves football and is quite the athlete and as you saw in the aerial challenge above with Arci, he isn't shy to take on a little performance art for the team.


6. JC Santos. One of 'Till I Met You's  finest actors, JC is a warm I Can Do That member to have on board. He was surprised but thankful with his rise to fame on the recently trending JaDine teleserye Till I Met You. He proves to be a supportive and calm teammate to have on the challenges, not panicking when Sue dropped the balls more than once during their juggling act.


7. Wacky Kiray. The comic relief for the boys team comes in the form of none other than stand-up comic and Gandang Gabi Vice co-host Wacky Kiray. Who knows baka biglang lumabas yung "Ricardo" niya from deep within to meet certain challenges they give him. Here he lets Daniel Matsunaga do a touch-up where he needs it the most and says "I'm ready for my close up!!! I CAN DO THAT!" In the video below he hams it up with Cristine Reyes in a Pabeki comedy act impersonation.


8. Gabriel Valenciano. Dancer, music arranger, video producer, choreographer, and content-creator Gabriel Valenciano is well-known for his athletic dance antics especially from the YouTube videos that made him famous abroad. Is there anything too scary for this super-charged human-being to take on? We shall see in the weeks to come. We like how he kept the rhythm going during the jump-rope challenge with Pokwang given that he's the more fit and physically quick between them. It's nice how he kept the pace level between them and yet still wowed us with his jump-rope skills.


I Can Do That thrills your evenings on Saturday after MMK and Sundays after Rated K.


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