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In Focus: Jeff Ortega's Idea Of Travel And Wanderlust Goes Far Beyond Surfing

In Focus: Jeff Ortega's Idea Of Travel And Wanderlust Goes Far Beyond Surfing

In this day and age where social media has taken the place of most human interaction, a saving grace for relationships would definitely have to be traveling—indeed, the couple that travels together, stays together. One pair whose adventures we're totally glued to? Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Jeff Ortega.

Riding the slopes side by side, just north of Tokyo 


Attempting to walk round the famed Colosseum in Rome (in twinning get ups, no less!)


Soaking up some Australian sun as they sail over the Great Barrier Reef with Jasmine's family 


We recently got to chat with Jeff on not just surfing, his biggest passion, but traveling. When asked about his most favorite adventures to date, he was quick to mention how all involved, who else, but Jasmine.


"What I do now is travel around with my girlfriend… Pag may time siya, we go to Japan, Australia, and Europe. Actually, we [just] celebrated our first year anniversary. It’s been great. Nagulat kami; parang 'Teka, medyo mabilis ah.'  Pero we’re happy that we’re able to travel," he says.


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With so many projects lined up this year, Jasmine’s schedule will be super packed, but that won’t stop Jeff from satisfying his wanderlust, especially in the Philippines. 

“She won’t have all the time in the world.  She’ll be busy.  Ako na lang mag-isa mag-travel ngayon.  I’ll be going around the Philippines to discover new places: Siquijor, Davao, Cagayan, Batanes, Siargao… ang daming places na magaganda. Stay tuned for all my adventures on my Instagram!," he exclaims.


One of the biggest challenges about traveling is cost. Overspending is very likely if you aren’t careful. So we also sought his advice on how to do it on a budget. 

“At the end of the day, it’s really [a question of] if you want to make your trip possible. I suggest that if you want to save money, spend as less as you can. You have to research for the cheapest flights and look for package deals. Try to do it as early as you can. Work hard because you want to travel and enjoy," he says.


A self-confessed denim lover like himself is bound to sport some pairs wherever he goes. According to him, "It’s a staple thing to have in your closet. If you don’t have denim, ewan ko na lang [laughs]. With jeans, you produce a casual approach to things. You don’t want to go into a place na formal tapos everyone is just relaxed." 

He adds, "I’m very classic when it comes to style. The easier it is, the better. Something that I would advise for you to have all the time is a good denim jacket. You can just put it over your white T-shirt, and you’re good to go."


Such attitude and style very characteristic of a wanderer like Jeff, who recently made an appearance at Wrangler Philippines' Open Road Hero contest. For the 3rd year in a row, Wrangler Philippines held its search for the most avid adventurers who want nothing more than to travel across the country and share their stories about what the Philippines has to offer. 20 finalists have been chosen to compete in a series of challenges, followed by weeks-long pictorials. The lucky winner will receive all-expense-paid trip to Batanes for two, P100,000 worth of Wrangler gear, and, of course, the title of this year's Open Road Hero.

We have no doubts that wherever Jeff's itinerary takes him to, he'll wander smart and in style!


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Photographs from and / Interview and artwork by Jana Jimenez  




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