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In Focus: Sneezing And Coughing Again? It's About Time You Get Chummy With Your Immune System

In Focus: Sneezing And Coughing Again? It's About Time You Get Chummy With Your Immune System

We all put so much time and effort in primping and prettifying our skin and hair, replenishing our wardrobe when we feel like it's not so on-trend anymore, getting massages and spa treatments, but we might just be overlooking one thing: Our immune system. Here's a fact: Nourish your immune system as you would your skin and everything else will most likely be in the pink of health, too.

Now if you've ever felt under the weather right after the holidays and well into the first couple of months of the year, it's because, studies show that the onset of cooler weather are enablers and keepers of certain viruses that cause colds and flu. So the shy drop in temperature, even in a tropical country like the Philippines, allows certain viruses to spread around along with holiday cheer.

Another theory is that the increase in holiday get-togethers, increase the chances of viruses being passed around. Exposure to these situations, coupled with the changes in the weather and the stress of the holiday rush can really take a toll on our bodies.

And since the immune system is our bodies’ first line of defense to stop potential illnesses in its tracks, it allows you to keep you focused on your goals for the year. However, under-nutrition impairs a person’s immune system, and causes an imbalance. When this happens, your body shows symptoms, like the onset of sniffles or a recurring cough.

Get friendly with your immune system, stat, for a truly healthier 2017 (and beyond):

A ‘healthy’ immune system is a balanced immune system. To say that someone’s immune system is ‘healthy’ can be too vague a description. In fact, a more accurate way to describe a properly functioning immune system is to call it a ‘balanced’ immune system. This means it is neither suppressed nor overactive, letting it function properly to defend your body against illnesses.

A balanced immune system is an intelligent immune system. When an immune system is balanced, it is able to send out the proper defenses as needed, letting it efficiently take out any threats to our body’s wellbeing. It activates the correct cells in times of need, giving the body an effective defense mechanism against illnesses.

A balanced immune system is achievable with the right knowledge. While proper diet and ample exercise can aid in balancing out the immune system, a process called immunomodulation can be done to ensure the body’s immune system is at its best. During immunomodulation (for a major health boost, try doctor-prescribed immunomodulator Immunomax made of pure CM-Glucan, a natural immunomodulator from baker’s yeast that can help in defending your body against the threat of illnesses, along with your doc's prescribed vitamins or meds), the immune system is regulated to help raise a suppressed immune system or normalize an overactive one, to create a balance.


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