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Cheat Sheet: Grab These Quick Weekender Must-Haves From Your Fave Celebs' Closets

Cheat Sheet: Grab These Quick Weekender Must-Haves From Your Fave Celebs' Closets

It's the season of ticket deals, rash decisions, and the overwhelming thirst to get out of the city. How else can you make it out chic and stylish if not with a weekend bag packed just for occasions like these?

So if you're headed out this weekend, make sure to stock up on these essentials from our glorious celebs:

1. A sick bag that screams vacation. Many tend to go overboard on the stuff they bring. You need not be one of them. Embrace the light load and pack them all in a bag that screams, "Bye, Big City!".

Sharlene is weekend-ready with this summer pack for keeps!


2. One show-stopper sunscreen. If we learned anything from Baz Luhrmann, it's that everybody's free to wear sunscreen. So ward off the sun's ultraviolet rays with them because, unlike some regrets you may have in your life, at least you can control if and when you want that extra tan or wrinkle.

Like Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, you don't want to get caught UV-barefaced in this heat!


3. Some sultry sunnies. A pair of these don't necessarily just have to be worn at the beach. They're surely so easy to find and style. So, chanelling platinum-haired, Prada-wearing Miranda of the Devil Wears Prada fame, ask yourself when you think twice about bringing one, "Am I reaching for the stars here? Not really."

Just like Liza Soberano, the perfect sunnies are literal eye candy.


4. A bunch for the beach. Trust us, you'll have only good vibrations, fun, fun, fun, and the warmth of the sun when you pack your beach-ready attire. Though there's no talk of a pool or beach party, you don't know where your summer thirst might get you. So be ready!

Miles Ocampo has got one enviable heap for the summer heat!



5. A hat for the test of Times. See where a hat can take you? If not to a world of besties, well certainly, a fine looking hat can take you to a good conversation, a dazzling Instagram post, or at least a much-needed cover from the harsh harsh elements out there.

Friendships like Elisse Joson and Sofia Andres' are best shared with big, bold hats.


6. A Fine Fine Pair of Flops. It's the weekend. Who brings heels on a weekend, except if it's for a whole-day seminar? Oh wait, that's not weekends are for! Grab your rubber flops and embrace the comfort. Your soles will thank you for this.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith looks about ready to leave those heels home.


7. Your statement sundress or tank. Lovely days can't come too often, so grab them with that sweet statement in a sundress. Everyone's always up for florals and bright hues, but feel free to bask in dark silhouettes if that's what you are all about.

No words needed, Sarah Lahbati's dress just screams all things warm and breezy!


8. Your own mode of picture box. Say weekend! Grab your camera phone, selfie phone, HD super selfie phone, just about anything that make sure you document the coming weekend. Make sure they're charged too, and don't forget to bring spare batteries or memory cards!

Kim Jones here looks more than ready for a weekend of colors.


Laid back and artsy fits Jericho Rosales to a T!


9. Bling for days. Squeeze in those accessories, especially 'cause they're small and easy to mix and match. 

Chesca Garcia-Kramer's line is the perfect mix of simple but standout.


10. Food for thoughts. Crack a book, learn a book... the operative term is always book. This weekend's your time to pare down that pile of books you keep on buying but not reading (admit it!).

Coleen Garcia made sure to not get bored on that flight!


11. Sound sleepers. Wherever you're going, it's best to make sure you're not sleeping in the clothes you got there in. Some comfy nightdress or tank and shorts are your best bet for a good night's sleep in places besides home.

Ylona Garcia looks comfy and ready for a much-needed rest.


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Photographs from the Instagram accounts of Sharlene San PedroLiza SoberanoRissa Mananquil Trillo, Miles OcampoJasmine CurtisElisse Joson, Sarah Lahbati, Kim Jones, Jericho Rosales, Chesca Garcia KramerYlona Garcia, and Coleen Garcia / Banner photograph from Pexels





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