Bea’s Bedroom is Fit for a Queen

Bea’s Bedroom is Fit for a Queen

Bea Alonzo definitely deserves a master’s bedroom fit for a movie queen.

As she tours Kris Aquino to her bedroom, one can instantly notice the customized frame made for her television, a king-size bed with a customized bed frame, and a customized mirror in her bathroom, with design elements similar to that used to frame her flat-screen TV. Her cabinet, also custom-made, has a mini bar inside.

Asked why she chose neutral colors, consisting mostly of greys and browns, for her bedroom, Bea said she prefers the colors similar to a room at Ritz Carlton hotel.

Another unique feature of her bedroom is the chandelier, which Bea took some time to find the right size to suit her bedroom. “’Yan ang pinakahuli (na pinalagay ko),” said Bea, noting that chandelier is the final touch to her bedroom.

Overall, Bea’s room is very hotel-inspired, down to the sheets and pillows of her bed. Bea’s mother, who helped out in designing her room, debated on the sheets to be used for her bed. “Nag-away pa kami dalawakasi gusto ko yun parang hotel,” Bea said, where in the end, she heeded to her mother’s advice.

When it comes to her bed, Bea admits that she is very OC to the arrangement of the sheets and pillows of her bed. “Paminsan-minsan, pero mas [OC pa rin] si mama,” Bea exclaims.

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