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Hot Stuff: Turnt Tracks For Your Angry Workout

Hot Stuff: Turnt Tracks For Your Angry Workout

Boss on bitch mode? Bae being a brat? Bestie gone AWOL? 

Sigh. We. Feel. You.

Channel your aggression positively and embrace the knowledge that sometimes, things can just suck. Sometimes, an intense sweat sesh is just the ticket to blow off some steam (several rounds on a punching bag, anyone?).

What better way to power you through your workout than anthems that are synchronized to your dark and twisty state of mind. As with the case with angst-ridden singles, these are completely NSFW, FYI.

Go on. Go forth and rage. Your thighs will thank you for it...


“Mask Off” is a deeper cut on Future’s self-titled album featuring a hypnotic flute loop from the 1976 track “Prison Song” by Tommy Butler. Terse maxims and ominous vocals provide a peek at the world that shaped the singer, where crime is an inevitable means for survival. With haunting lines like ‘chase a check, never chase a bitch,’ this song exhorts you to thug up and perform.


From his meteoric rise to fame in 2014, Bobby Schmurda’s long hiatus from the music scene made many wonder whether or not Bobby was a one trick pony. Fast forward to 2017. Bobby still remains relevant while languishing in prison, shutting down his haters with a smoking track entitled “Bobby Bitch.” Overall, this song is an absolute banger, rife with heavy bass kicks and claps that weave seamlessly in and out of the track. Angry and triumphant, it is meant to be played extremely loud on good speakers, perfect for a rage-filled sweat sesh.


A dark, apocalyptic ode to the high rolling baller life, "Upper Echelon" dishes out liberal doses of bass wobbles and operatic synth-churns. Travi$ Scott’s nocturnal overture is so eerie and ethereal, it’s transcendental. It’s the perfect anthem for days when you are wrestling for a solid grip on a life spinning out of control.


"Yamborghini High" is A$AP Mob’s touching eulogy to their fallen friend A$AP Yams, capturing for posterity the latter’s bigger than life persona and wild life of luxury. The focal point of the song is A$AP Rocky’s pure rapping ability: Slick flows of stellar verses that spill over and build on themselves. Stylistically, the track keeps it smooth with carefully measured melodic repetitions that are surprisingly upbeat for a requiem for a fallen pal; a poignant reminder that life does, and will, go on.


This hard-hitting collab has the two rappers in full-on braggadocio mode, with several references to how dope they both are (‘We at the highest level, yeah I know you feel me’) as well as nods to their respective ladies (Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, ICYMI) laced liberally throughout the ditty. The song sets the mood with some straight-up swag, throwing out filthy traps and rapid fire snare patterns that stutter over gothic overtones. With all its boasting and chest thumping, "Feel Me" is a song meant to fuel your rage, and hopefully whip you up to a fury of rightful indignation. 


With "T-Shirt", Migos sticks to what it does best: Consistent cadences of unrelenting staccatos that roll around snappy snare beats. The track teeters between the worlds of trap and pop music, with delirious percussion lyrics that are fundamental to everything that makes Migos great. The swaggering trapthem is contextualized by a sharp synth tessellation that meanders throughout the track, making it an easy sell for days that you need an extra dose of sharpness in your playlist.


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