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In Focus: Kathryn Bernardo Just Won't Let Cyberbullies Get The Better Of Her

In Focus: Kathryn Bernardo Just Won't Let Cyberbullies Get The Better Of Her

Kathryn Bernardo may have legions of fans, countless endorsements, and an adoring man beside her (hello, DJ!), but just like the rest of us, she also hasn't been spared from bullying, mostly of the digital kind. As a matter of fact, we're pretty sure everything she does is being nitpicked more than those us mere mortals are doing because, well, it's part of the price you have to pay for fame. Uncalled for, but many just have this notion that if you're a celebrity, you're fair game to be criticized and put down.

Kathryn strongly advocates against all forms of bullying—she herself was a victim of bullying during her elementary and high school days. "Hindi mo siya maiiwasan sa school," Kathryn shares to ABS-CBN reporter Marie Lozano. "Nae-expose ka sa ibang tao at kailangang maging mas matapang ka."

And today with her stature as one of the most popular actresses of her generation, it seems circumstances have just become tougher for Kath. “The more na artista ka, the more na icha-challenge ka kung hanggang saan yun patience mo," she says.

Check out the Teen Queen's Be-Better-Than-Any-Bully game plan:


1. Don’t be affected. Especially if you know it's not true, just ignore it. "The more na patulan mo, the more na binibigyan mo ng effort, mas feeling nila (bashers) na nananalo sila," Kathryn reitereates. As her Instagram profile puts it: "Think less, live more."


2. Do other things instead. Instead of spending time poring through your comments section, why not use that time for other productive activities, such as working out or doing a passion project? “Parang tino-torture ko lang ang sarili ko,” Kathryn on why she prefers to ignore bashers.


3. Speak up! However, if things go out of control, do not be afraid to speak up especially if your family or close friends are involved. "Alam ko kung tama ako, kung mali ako, at kung paano ko dadalhin yun sarili ko," Kathryn notes.


4. Don't be too open. With the many social media platforms out there, you should be mindful of which platforms you want to share with many, and which platforms you'll keep for your trusted circle. For Kathryn, Instagram and Twitter are the only ones she's sharing with the world.


More from her full interview below:


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