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In Focus: How Now-Certified Duathlete Kim Chiu Inspired Us to Have a More Active Lifestyle

In Focus: How Now-Certified Duathlete Kim Chiu Inspired Us to Have a More Active Lifestyle



“Mind over lungs over knees over matter,” this was Kim Chiu’s motto as she conquered the challenges that she encountered in the pursuit of surviving the Pilipinas Duathlon 2017, her first running and cycling race ever. For someone who was never sporty, Kim’s success was definitely something to celebrate because it took major commitment. And because of that, this  awesome gal just inspired most of us who want to get fit and active, but are often too afraid (or lazy) to do so!

Based on Kim's first race story, here are just some of the most important things we learned and re-learned that we can totally apply in our own lives!


There's beauty in discipline. Kim was never a morning person, but training for the Pilipinas Duathlon compelled her to practice discipline more than ever. She had to wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning just to train before work starts. Most of us who are nocturnals like Kim know the struggles of waking up early, but her active lifestyle enabled her to improve her habits by pushing herself to become an early bird.


Time management is key. As an actress, Kim has a lot on her plate, but training made her even more productive. She learned the value of planning her time based on her priorities, working hard in between her crazy schedule to make each day productive not just at work, but also for her life!


Strive harder in life. Aside from experiencing side cramps, Kim also suffered from an asthma attack during the last 2km of her run, but she persevered. She pushed herself to finish with a smile on her face! So every time you're about to complain during your workout, think of how Kim was able come out victorious despite all the setbacks. (Though, there's still something to be said about listening to your body, okay?)


Train more to discover yourself. It was in the process of Kim's training where she realized her strengths and weaknesses. She was tested to her limits as she faced some of the toughest obstacles. But it was also in the process where she got to know herself more than ever, and that empowered her to achieve her goals.


Start strong, finish stronger. It is through the Pilipinas Duathlon that Kim learned just how strong she can be and how far she can go. Joining the running and cycling race also taught her that pain makes you come out stronger than you were ever before. And we can learn from Kim that it doesn't matter how many times we fall, as long as we always get back up!

 "You just have to keep pushing until you get your goal, to finish strong!!! During the race, all I had was my faith, determination, and drive to achieve this one goal... to get that finisher medal!!! Achievement unlocked!!!"—Kim Chiu


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