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Cheat Sheet: The Ultimate Packing List For Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival

Cheat Sheet: The Ultimate Packing List For Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival



You know it's already summer when there's no shortage of outdoor entertainment to choose from. Just as we were about to get over last weekend's fesitivities, another one is about to happen in two days in Puerto Galera. Yes, that means there's travel involved—and for some who are newbies to Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival, packing for a three-day camping trip (if you're not staying at a hotel) can be overwhelming.

Not to worry, though! We've listed here all the things you need to bring for a fun and memorable concert.


1. The essentials. You know, everything and anything you need bring whenever you travel—cash, IDs, clothes, shoes, flip flops, undies, toiletries, first aid kit, medicine, towel, portable chargers, etc.


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2. Sun care. Expect it to be hot and sunny all weekend, so make sure to stash a bottle of sunblock, your cutest sunnies, and your fave hat in your luggage. Besides, aren't we taught to never go out of the house without sunscreen?

3. Hygiene basics. When staying outdoors, keep your travel-friendly cleansing products—hand sanitizer, wet wipes, alcohol, tissue paper, feminine wipes—inside your bag.

4. Hydrating needs. 
As the temperatures rise, make sure to drink, drink, drink! No, not alcohol. Bring a tumbler or an insulated bottle to keep your water cold even under the sun. You can also bring a spray mist for your face and a portable mini fan to keep you refreshed (and less icky) all day.

5. Food fuel. Like in any out of town trip, a stop-over to the convenience store is part of the itinerary. Grab your snacks of choice, such as chocolates, trail mix, mints, chips, and cookies so you have something to munch on.

6. Outdoor gear. The performances will run throughout the day, so you might want to feel comfy and chill while watching the artists. Bring a banig, blanket, even foldable chairs or the popular inflatable sofas for you and your friends to share. And if you're not booked at a hotel, a tent is also an option.


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7. Swimwear! 
You're in Puerto Galera, so might as well hit the beach!


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8. The energizers. Partying all day, all night can be quite exhausting. Make sure you pack along with you your vitamins and energy drinks.

Do you think we missed out on something? What are you bringing to Malasimbo? Sound off on the comments below!


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