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In Focus: Joey and Angelina King Show Us How To Lord It Over The Love Realm

In Focus: Joey and Angelina King Show Us How To Lord It Over The Love Realm

As many can attest, true love doesn't always turn out as expected. Joey and Angelina King’s unconventional approach helps unravel its paradox, probing at how elemental and enormous love can feel, as well as how minute and specific.

Theirs is a bond that goes beyond the usual understanding of what it means to love, a reminder of how to be better givers and receivers, transcending social constructs of gender and marriage...

While couple twinning seems cheesy and outdated, the Kings show us precisely how sychronized styling is done with these spiffy denim coordinates. Presenting a united front is the clearest way to reinforce your status as a team and assert a 'you and me aganst the world' vibe.


Joey and Angelina also demonstrate how some booze time with boo just might be the ticket for a modern-day fairytale. An incredible new study shows that couples who drink together stay together, suggesting that similar interests create lasting bonds. Also, alcohol, if imbibed in reasonable doses, can be a crucial gear-changer,  acting as a lubricant for moments of levity to be enjoyed with your partner.   


If anyone knows the art of power dressing, it's Joey and Angelina. While the duo definitely takes 'perfectly on point' to new heights, being each other's shoe stylist sends the message that they are a couple force to be reckoned with. Validating each other's choices builds a reservoir of joy that can serve as a buffer against tough times.


Shared adventures in the great outdoors solidifies relationships like no other. The King's fishing excursion helps them fall for each other all over again, hook, line, and sinker. Novelty is the spice of life and shaking up bae time with unique experiences is key to keeping the flames of romance alive.  


Couple downtime is reimagined as the pair slathers on some beauty masks together. As a couple spends more time together, they start to realize that love isn't always anchored on grandiose actions. It can take the form of the simplest, everyday things, which cumulatively, make a better impact on the relationship.   


Embracing the opportunity to do something thrill-seeking pushes a couple out of their comfort zone. Working past intense, adrenaline-filled situations as a team creates meaningful narratives that you will talk about for the rest of your lives, as the pride of being able to overcome challenges together deepens intimacy. For  the Kings, their shared need for speed showcases that they are each other's Ride Or Die partner, charging off into their own version of 'Happily Ever After'.    


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