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In Focus: Say Hello To A Less Polluted Philippines With The Signing Of This Key Ordinance

In Focus: Say Hello To A Less Polluted Philippines With The Signing Of This Key Ordinance

When news broke out that President Rodigo Duterte is set to sign an Executive Order (EO) regarding a tougher no-smoking law, non-smokers rejoiced online:




Prior to this, it is also worth noting that Senate passed a bill for a 120-day maternity leave. A win-win for Filipinos, especially women, this Women's Month.


The country's version of the smoking ban plans to make the entire Philippines “100% smoke-free in public places.” These public places include parks, bus stations, inside public utility vehicles, and indoors. Those who need their smoking fix will be limited to designated smoking areas only.

The idea of a smoking ban is not new—Ireland was the first country to have a smoking ban in 2004, but very much welcome here, especially with the healthy lifestlye movement growing stronger as well. Because how can you not want these positive effects of the yosi ban: Decrease in secondhand smoke, cleaner air, and less trips to the emergency room?

It will not be easy for smokers—17 million of them—to adapt to the ordinance, but it really is for the benefit of the majority, and of Mother Nature. Make this cutie your peg if you're a smoker-who-just-can't-quit: Erwan Heussaff, was able to quit smoking eight years ago, and you sure can, too! Here are some tips to help you say adios to yosi:


1. Chew on fresh vegetables. Instead of a cigarette, opt to eat vegetables like carrots, celery, radish, or bell pepper slices. If you're not used to the bland taste, you can throw in a little dressing.


2. Exercise! Trade the time you spend on smoking for exercises like jogging. It will help you regain your endurance, and even just 30 minutes a day can make a difference!


3. Find a motivation to quit. It can be your family, your children, or even the amount of money you can save. A photographer managed to save P50,000 by not smoking for six months!


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