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Hot Stuff: Charo Santos-Concio's Autobiography Will Inspire You To Grab Every Opportunity Out There

Hot Stuff: Charo Santos-Concio's Autobiography Will Inspire You To Grab Every Opportunity Out There

Already in her 60s, yet ABS-CBN Chief Content Officer Charo Santos-Concio still never fails to impress us. Coming from several major accomplishments last year—she made her acting comeback in the internationally-acclaimed film Ang Babaeng Humayo and became an endorser of one of the most iconic names in beauty globally, and had a book published as a tribute for her, Charo and I, she never runs out of feathers to add to her hat.

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This time around, she takes on a new adventure as an author, with the release of her autobiography entitled My Journey: The Story of an Unexpected Leader.


Slated to be sold in leading bookstores this month, My Journey is described as “an enlightening, rich, and compelling read.” Those who have received copies of the book early (complete with a dedicated from Santos-Concio herself are sure lucky.



Here are some of our favorite CSC words of wisdom from the book:


On recognizing things that are meant for us: "A big reason why we don't recognize the opportunities that come our way is because they don't always look like they're meant for us."

On starting small: "I had made myself small. I thought I would fail, not because of anything I would do, but because I assumed from the start I didn't measure up."

On being open to new opportunities: "I made a conscious decision never again to close my doors to new opportunities just because I thought I couldn't make the cut."


On leading people: "What's the point of arguing if you antagonize the very people you need to be on your side? When you argue your point too much, people stop listening. You may win the argument, but you lose your power to lead."


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