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In Focus: Toni Gonzaga Gets FamBam Life Right

In Focus: Toni Gonzaga Gets FamBam Life Right

For working mothers, chances are, achieving life balance is the most elusive goal. Somehow, work just never seems to stop, both in the domestic and professional fronts, leaving mothers desperate for a formula to drastically simplify their complex lives.  

But it’s not impossible. Toni Gonzaga found an equilibrium, proving that the dream of being a multifacted woman in today's modern world can totally be a reality.

Toni definitely brought her style A-game to motherhood. Seve is one tot who is as polished and put-together as his sartorially admired mother. Check out this comfy yet stylish set! Plus points to his mom for winning on the monochromatic baby flatlay. 


Getting in as much quality time as possible with her little one is definitely one of Toni's top priorities. Here, the contented pair is cozied up on a couch. With a charmingly disheveled topknot and no makeup, Toni is in full-on motherhood mode. No surprise—it looks great on her. 


There are few things more natural and beautiful than a mother breastfeeding her baby. While breast milk is undoubtedly the best, it can be quite challenging for working mothers. Despite her busy schedule, Toni commits to breastfeeding Seve, pumping out some milk for him when she needs to leave.  


Apparently, breastfeeding is also in Toni's arsenal for shedding her post pregnancy pounds. Less than 97 pounds and dropping! Wooohooo!


Having a sense of humor can be a balm to any frazzled mother's weary soul.  The Multimedia Star brings her legendary wit even while parenting, immortalizing life's silly moments, like this adorable shot of Seve and E.T. 


Striking the perfect balance in love as well as parenting is a sought-after ideal for modern couples. Happy couples make better parents. For Toni, this means some squeezing in some couple time with her hubby, Paul Soriano. And that’s a relationship goal certainly worth aiming for.


Toni makes the small moments special. She knows that life is defined by the best and the simplest things, like spending quality time with your loved ones, squeezing in small slivers of time to enjoy with each other.  


Looks like Toni’s got this domestic bliss thing down pat.


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