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You’ve Found Love. Now, How Do You Keep It?

You’ve Found Love. Now, How Do You Keep It?

Sometimes people would be more concerned on the when, where, and how of finding “the one” that they seem to overlook the more important deal of being able to keep it. There could be a myriad of things you can do and consider if you want to make your relationship last. However for Matteo, it all boils down to these three things. You may think it's pretty basic but it’s still easier said than done. 


Be someone your partner can trust

It goes without saying that once you’ve entered a relationship with someone, you must be worthy of trust that giving their heart to you would almost be a no-brainer. It has been proven time and again, women’s instincts are nothing but deadly… as in, once they find out you’ve been flirting with someone else behind their back, you’re totally dead.

But seriously, be someone who has nothing to hide. Do you think women like going through your phones or snooping over your Facebook? Do you think they like interrogating you when you could be cuddling instead? But do you also even think why they would feel the need to that in the first place? So yes, I think you owe your partner that much if you really want the relationship to last.

Be honest and faithful. And if you can’t do that in black and white, then why the hell are you in a relationship? As a woman, I couldn’t agree more with Matteo when he says, “It means more when the girl says I trust you than I love youPag walang honesty, walang trust bagsak tayo diyan.”

So don’t go breaking our hearts, or better yet, our trust.


Go the extra mile

Or in Matteo’s words, “Be lambing.” Being sweet to your partner isn’t really considered going the extra mile before. But we get it, not all men are born with roses in their hands ready to show up at your doorstep; or with eyes ready to give you that loving gaze you see with Hollywood couples; or whatever it is you find romantic these days.

So yes, making the effort to express your love anyhow you can would make a great deal of difference. And when you think you’ve already done your part so now it’s her time to show you what she’s got, remember that “complacency” and “mismanaged expectations” are also your relationship’s frontline enemies.


Give of yourself

In times of need, in service, in any love language you know. Give of yourself. “Give everything she wants,” Matteo expresses. That may sound really generous or even selfless, but isn’t that what love make us do sometimes? To love fully and without reservations, and give without hesitation?

And if you’re someone who hasn’t found a partner to apply these with and maybe you’re constantly and impatiently wondering when it’ll come, Matteo has this to say, “You don’t know when it happens, it’s just gonna happen. You walk through a door and bam, she’s there. So you never know… it’s life. Life happens.”


Okay, so before you literally open every door in the next few days just to check out every woman you can find behind, we suggest you take the chill pill and let love come and find you. When it does, be ready and know how not to lose it.





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