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Cheat Sheet: Here’s Where You Can Score The Funnest And Sweetest Deals In Japan

Cheat Sheet: Here’s Where You Can Score The Funnest And Sweetest Deals In Japan

Filipinos traveling to Japan often assume that Tokyo is an expensive place to shop in because it’s so urbanized. But blogger Kryz Uy and Pinoy Big Brother winner Slater Young, together with the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) and two lucky girls proved otherwise with a recent visit to the capital, where they shared some of the best sights and most pocket-friendly deals it has to offer. 

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Tabemono ga oishiidesu. First off—the sushi. No one can deny that sushi sold at fastfood chains or supermarkets don’t quite live up to Japan-local ones, or the longstanding notion of those who say that sushi is expensive because its needs to be rightfully and artfully prepared.  Tokyo has this restaurant called Daimaru Suisan that not only has a wide range of melt-in-your-mouth sushi to choose from, but offers them fresh and at really low price points! Two pieces of fresh tuna sushi, for instance, costs only Yen 100 (or roughly P50). They also recommend the scallops, which are cooked right in front of you.             

Thumbs up for Daiso. Daiso is THE place to go to buy authentic and interesting Japanese items.  The best part? Mostly everything there costs 100 yen or about P50!

Ninja-like dining experience. Over at Kyoto, there’s this place they found called Ninja Restaurant where you pretty much eat like the fabled warriors of Japan—that is, consume small portions while sitting on the floor. Plus, there are real ninjas in the restaurant that perform tricks!  

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Synergy of nature and urbanity. Afterwards, they dropped by Sensoji, a very popular Buddhist temple that was built in the 7th century.  Getting there can be done via the Nakamise, a shopping street where tourists can wear comfy, traditional Kimono costumes. The gang also went on a Tokyo Cruise along the Sumida river. The luxurious ship has a glass ceiling where passengers can see the beauty of Tokyo from the water, with a 180-degree view. Towards the end of the tour, they also paid a visit to the iconic Tokyo Tower. According to them, it's an especially beautiful sight at night, when it's lit. This goes to show that despite the industrialization that’s happened over the years, the Japanese are good at retaining its culture in the capital city.    

Rediscover your inner child in Tokyo. Also towards of the end of the tour, everyone was in for a one-of-a-kind-treat—a kid’s kind! Tokyo’s got a handful of activities that the inner child of adults will enjoy. One of them was origami. At the Ochanomizu Origami/Kaikan, Chairman Kazuo Kobayashi’s origami demonstrations were indeed dazzling. Some of his work can be found in pictures. Others come in the form of dolls. Slater, Kryz, and the rest of the crew also said konnichiwa to Sanrio Puroland, an indoor theme park that’s full of Sanrio characters! Here they got to see Hello Kitty’s house and meet Hello Kitty herself. The rest of the trip was spent at J-World Tokyo theme park, which was great for role-playing beloved Dragon Ball characters.


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With additional information from and photographs courtesy of Minnie L. Reyes and Rhoda P. Luna




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