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The Six Fix: Some Not-So-Usual Cool Down Drinks And Where They're At!

The Six Fix: Some Not-So-Usual Cool Down Drinks And Where They're At!

We're all going to sip and gulp excessively in the next few weeks, and even more so in the following month once the full wrath of summer sizzles in the city. If the plain-ish ideas of iced water and chilled coconut water bore you (even if they're both good for you) then allow us to refresh you with a few ideas plus suggestions to change them up a bit:


1. CIBO's Pomelo Fresh Fruit Shake (P150). Their red grape one is also good! There's something "supah" fresh about the fresh fruit shakes at Cibo, we don't know if it's how they do their smoothie ice or something but we love them. They're cold, fruity, not overly sweet but still hit the spot. If you find the Jamba ones a bit too tart (though those are good, too) you may want to try these.


2. Starbucks ICED Chocolate or Coffee Drinks (P155 Signature Chocolate or P150 White Chocolate). If you love Starbucks' Signature hot chocolate, change it up this season and turn it iced. You may be sweetly surprised, and if you go for the White Chocolate (non-coffee) one it just might bring back your millennial kiddie memories of Nido with ice in a hugely leveled up way.


3. Jamba Juice Smoothie (P150). Down one of these too quickly and you've got guaranteed brain-freeze, but Jamba Juice's flavor blends are off-the-charts in terms of yumminess. They're known for their signature fruity, tart flavor that makes you just lick your lips at the thought. In doubt on what to try, how 'bout an off-the-menu not so secret secret flavor? If you love their famous berry blend, Razzmatazz, whisper "red gummi" over at the counter the next time you order and get a similar but uniquely yummier taste.


4. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Ice Blended Drink in Double Chocolate. It's an oldie but goodie and we still love the double chocolate flavor of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Double Chocolate ice blended drink. If you'd like to enjoy this sans the brain freeze you can also ask for simple Iced Double Chocolate and get an ice-cubed version of their chocolatey drink.


5. Juju Eats Cold Pressed Juice in "Green Bomb" (P175). For those among you who don't mind savory and fruity blends in juices and are health-conscious, have a swig of Juju Eats' refreshing cold-pressed juice in Green Bomb (the color might be enough to scare the kids). It's a blend of celery, cucumber, pineapple, and romain lettuce blended to boost alkalinity in your digestive tract. Have it ultra cold for good measure.

"This elixir of assorted green veggies loads you up with important nutrients and enzymes that our bodies desperately need to keep alive and well down to the cellular level." 


6. Pancake House's Classic Milkshakes (P120 regular, P135 extra thick). For the local millennial, the most familiar milkshakes in mass outlets may just have to be Pancake House's classic, frothy milkshakes. Many places locally usually mistakenly serve up the equivalent of melted ice cream but usually, almost all the time Pancake House gets theirs right at an affordable price and you have the choice between regular consistency or extra thick.


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