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In Focus: Meet Sofia Andres, Selfie Slayer

In Focus: Meet Sofia Andres, Selfie Slayer

These days, it’s tough to find someone who’s never taken (or attempted to take) the infamous selfie. We're all guilty of peacocking on social media: Flashing our pearly whites at our cellphones when we’re in the midst of doing something jealousy-inducing, or maybe snapping one simply because we were looking particularly on point that day.

In the Age of the Selfie, snapping a perfectly composed one is an ability that one has to learn. But, how to take a really, really good one? Could taking the perfect selfie be as easy as it looks? Not everyone has honed in on the skills required to take an impeccably flawless one.

When it comes to a strong selfie game, few do it better than Sofia Andres. This young star has nailed the science of the selfie, snapping shots that seem effortless to execute.


Sofia finds her best light. Her face is always lit in the most flattering manner. Low light conditions? Not a problem. A little strategic highlighting goes a long way. It’s all about accentuating her features for a glowy, ethereal look.


The young star is keenly aware of her angles. Her signature pose? Sofia shifts her head slightly to one side, with her chin tilted down.


Props are also key to stepping up Sofia's photos. A cool item, like this rose colored sunnie, creates visual interest.


Focal points are her best friend. Fresh, vibrant colors help make her photos pop, incorporating hues through her pretty pout.


Her soulful gaze always speaks volumes. With her peepers seemingly sending out secret messages, Sofia has definitely nailed the art of the smoldering gaze.


Finding a great way to position your hands in a photo can sometimes be daunting. Sofia shows us how its done, striking a pose that exudes elegance and grace.


Sofia knows that happiness and confidence registers extremely well on-cam..  She has fun with her snaps, always remembering that at the end of the day, it’s just a selfie!


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