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In Focus: These Three Interior Designers Have Wise Words Perf For Even Non-Design People

In Focus: These Three Interior Designers Have Wise Words Perf For Even Non-Design People

Being an interior designer is just like other professions: Being successful entails years of studying and constant learning. Even if you do not start with a good pay or have difficulties in getting clients, if you really want it, you gotta persevere. This has been the case for interior designers Christine Manalo-Villamora, Chat Fores, and Vianca Anonuevo-Favila, speakers at the Metro Home Design Talks: Styling Spaces 101.


Held at the Philippine School of Interior Design’s Spectrum last March 2, the three designers, all currently managing their own interior design firms, shared their success stories, in addition to their process in designing spaces for their clients. While the three have different styles, they all agree that a number of factors come into play in terms of the actual design work.

“It’s not just only the actual interior; it involves everything: The process, the shape, the look, the color, even sometimes the feeling,” Manalo-Villamora, who has designed interiors of Thunderbird resorts and VMV Hypoallergenics’ flagship stores, said.


Here are other things we learned from them:

On searching for new design pegs for clients: “Update yourself on latest décor trends, which includes following your favorite brands, and keep on exploring for new finds [and] new ideas” – Manalo-Villamora


On finding your trademark interior design aesthetic: “You are not forced to have you own style; what’s important is you ingest what you learn, and you use your experiences as your life lessons.” –Fores 

“You have to learn everything, but you should have your own personal touch.” –Fores

“Focus on a specific field that you enjoy the most.” –Manalo-Villamora 


On pursuing bigger things in your career (ie. Having your own firm): “Continue your dreams! When things get hard, it does not mean it’s for you.” –Anonuevo-Favila

“It is not something that you have right away after you graduate; you learn things along the way.” –Fores


On the basis of one's success in their chosen career: “Success is making the most of what God has given to you.” –Anonuevo-Favila 

“You’ll have to go through everything first, and then reach your goal slowly.” –Anonuevo-Favila


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