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In Focus: 10 Defining Moments Of PBB Lucky Season 7 Big Winner Maymay Entrata

In Focus: 10 Defining Moments Of PBB Lucky Season 7 Big Winner Maymay Entrata

Maymay Entrata may be a pocket full of sunshine, never running out of adorable spontaneous and candid moments, yet Cagayan de Oro's "Ms. Wacky-Go-Lucky" keeps it real when it comes to matters dear to her heart: Her family, and the friendships she has developed on Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7. Hardworking even at such a young age, the Big Winner emphasized the importance of being determined in achieving your goals.

One more proof of her humility? How she spent much time hugging her co-housemate, Second Big Placer Kisses Delavin, when the results were announced. The simple gesture is proof that beyond winning, Maymay values everyone she was with on during the show.


Through the 238 days of Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7, Maymay has been a favorite among fans—no wonder this teenager garnered 42.71% of votes during the big night! Even former Pinoy Big Brother contestants were rooting for her:





Let's look back at those moments when Maymay captured the hearts of the Filipino audience:


1. She knows how to werq it when it comes to doing supermodel poses.

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2. Her wacky reactions during the exotic animal challenge were simply priceless.


3. She’s very candid when it comes to talking about snippets of her life, even those embarrassing moments most people are too shy to touch on.


4. We were able to relate to her that time she was tasked to teach Edward Filipino, and learn English from Edward (nosebleed realness???).


5. She's just incredibly funny!!!


6. She keeps it real when it comes to issues with other housemates.


7. Family is very important for her, and that she is not afraid to show her vulnerable side.


8. Her “date” with Enrique Gil remind us of our own feels when we talk about our crush.


9. Aside from being a comedian, she has potential as a serious actress as well.


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10. Her speech when she was awarded her Big Winner prizes was just so full of wisdom.


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