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Cheat Sheet: Alexa Ilacad, Helen On Fleek, and Eman De Leon's Tips To Nail Two Awesome Makeup Looks

Cheat Sheet: Alexa Ilacad, Helen On Fleek, and Eman De Leon's Tips To Nail Two Awesome Makeup Looks

Alexa Ilacad spent her 17th birthday filming the 2nd episode of her online show, One Music Popssss.

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Sadly, her co-host Inigo Pascual was unavailable  But it gave her the perfect opportunity to talk about the day’s topic in full-length: Makeup!

Alexa invited two experts to help her out:  Helen On Fleek, whose video on fixing up her eyebrows on the Drop Tower ride on Sky Ranch went viral and Eman de Leon, an internationally trained makeup artist who’s worked on The Voice Philippines, Pinoy Big Brother Seasons 7 and 737, and the X Factor Philippines.

The first part of the vid had Helen demonstrating how to apply basic, daytime makeup that could be worn at school, while commuting, or even on a ride like the Drop Tower! Using Alexa as her subject, and with Eman giving comments of his own, they got straight to it, step by step.


1. Hydrate. Helen began the tutorial by misting Alexa’s face. This is important because, according to Helen, “Since kung daytime makeup siya, yung skin natin medyo puyat.

2. Conceal. The next step was to use concealer on Alexa’s undereyes. Typically, foundation should be applied before concealer, but this was skipped since Alexa had a little bit of makeup on already. With skin as nice as hers, “hindi ako masyadong magca-cake up ng sobrang daming products sa face,” said Helen. Eman agreed and added, “kung kulang sa tulog ka may mga greyish area, na discoloration na we'd need to use color correctors.” This was followed by concealing the sides of her nose which is, according to Eman is, “needed because usually dark 'yan.

3. Powder. Putting powder helps set the liquids creams already on the face. “Gumamit ako ng powder na may SPF since daytime,” explained Helen. Alexa added by saying that “we need to protect our skin from the sun ‘cause yun ang pinaka-harmful especially if it’s 10AM onwards.”

4. Eyebrows. Kilay was next on their list. To achieve the daytime look Alexa wanted, Helen used the 17-year-old’s favorite kilay product: Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra-Fine Shape. Helen first brushed her eyebrows upwards to make them look bushy, and proceeded to fill them up once they were brushed. Eman also emphasized “darker brows look younger.”

5. Eyeshadow. Once the eyebrows were on fleek, Helen worked on her eyes. “I prefer neutral tones kapag everyday,” confessed Helen. Eman also noted that eyeshadow color should depend on skin complexion. “If the skin complexion is medyo light, a little off yung brownish. You’ll [want to] mix the brown with the pink [to better] match it with your skin tone. For morenas, you can use pink but [more on the] peach side,” he said. Also notable is how Eman revealed that a makeup trend for 2017 is pink eyeshadow.

6. Eyelash Curling. With the eyelids done, Alexa proceeded to curl her eyelashes “para mas mag-open” and “para mas maging dramatic.” 

7. Waterproof mascara. Viewers are advised to use waterproof mascara after curling their lashes. Here, Eman also explained that if your lashes are a little thin you should first “use a fiber mascara, like a white seal, to extend your lashes. Then put on mascara.”

8. Blush. For Alexa, contouring or bronzing are optional. But blush is necessary “para magmukhang flushed lang yung skin.” Interestingly, Eman revealed a surprising new makeup trend. “This 2017 hindi na masyadong contour na, it’s more on the natural side,” he said. 

9. Lipstick. Apply any shade of your choice, and voilà! You’ve achieved a daytime makeup look.

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This particular episode of Popssss was extra special because Alexa’s best friend, Eunice Jorge, surprised her on set! After the two sang a cover of Paramore’s "My Heart," the lead singer of Gracenote became the next makeup subject, with Eman now doing the makeup while elaborating on more makeup trends for 2017. 

For Eunice, they went for a more “rock” look.  Here’s a breakdown of the steps:


1. Unfinished eyeliner on the lower lash line. Eman says that “trend ngayon na makikita natin sa 2017 ay unfinished eye liner. Hindi siya well-blended. so that’s perfect for yung rock look”.

2. Eyeshadow. Alexa wanted to use purple on her best friend. According to Eman, “That’s what we call a pop of color na magiging trend din this 2017." He then went on to apply purple-colored eyeshadow on her lids and a little bit below her eyes. 

3. Mascara. Alam mo ba, [for] mascara this 2017, purple-burgundy [is the] trend,” said Eman. True enough, the mascara they used on Eunice was purple!

4. Eye shimmer. Eman proceeded to apply shimmer on the inner corners of Eunice’s eyes so that “may shine siya but not too much”.

5. Blush. According to Eman, where you brush depends on where your facial features are widest. “The Trend this 2017 [is that] you’ll use the blush as a contour pen.” He also talked about blush bombs, but decided against them for the Gracenote vocalist’s look..”

6. Lips.  Eman opted to use matte on Eunice "kasi medyo strong na yung eyes niya. But yung trend ngayong 2017 ay glossy lips."

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