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Hot Stuff: Every Cheesy Snack Lover's Dream Is Here!

Hot Stuff: Every Cheesy Snack Lover's Dream Is Here!



Raise your orange-crusted fingers because this collaboration between Taters and Cheetos—two big, big names in the munchies industry—is truly leveling up the snacking experience for moviegoers, series-bingers, and lifelong snackers alike.

Taters started the year with a big Cheetos bang with the Taters Cheetos Snack Fest, the first in Asia, where they introduced five new additions to their menu featuring everyone's favorite cheesy treats: The Crunch 'N Pop, Crunchy Overload, Cheetos Chik-A-Chips, Cheetos Fish 'N Chips, and Cheetos BBQ Crunch Dog.


A no brainer: The Cheetos Crunch 'N Pop solves all snackers' problems who just can't choose between popcorn or Cheetos!


Crunchy Overload gives you two different kinds of crunch with Cheetos Crunchy and Cheetos-flavored Tater Chips.


Cheetos Chik-a-Chips is a mix of chicken fingers, Cheetos Crunch, Cheetos Tater Chips served with Cheetos Dip, perfect for chicken and cheese lovers!


Cheetos Fish 'N Chips is a Taters version of the classic snack: Fish fillets paired with Cheetos Crunch, Cheetos Tater Chips, and Cheetos Dip.


Cheetos BBQ Crunch Dog combines beef hotdog with Coney Island sauce, BBQ sauce, Cheetos dressing, Cheetos-flavored Taters Chips, and Cheetos Crunchy for the ultimate explosion of flavors.

The cheesy fun doesn’t stop in Taters stores! The Cheetos Snack Fest has loads of surprises on Taters’ Facebook and Instagram accounts, so make sure to follow them online (@taters.snack) as they give away VIP passes, Chester Plushies, and prizes galore! This limited edition collaboration is only available from January 25 to May 15, 2017, so make sure to get cheesified before it's too late!


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