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In Focus: Here Are 6 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider A Cruise Holiday

In Focus: Here Are 6 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider A Cruise Holiday

Thanks to the sheer number of ships and routes available, cruises can be a great holiday choice for a variety of holidaymakers—from solo travelers to families or couples, whether experienced adventurers or first time travelers. It's really no wonder even celebs are hooked on them (Kris Aquino often goes on cruise trips with her family, for instance).

We haven't been on a cruise, really, so we thought, who better to ask about the magic of cruise ships than the team behind StarCruises, whose SuperStar Virgo now also has routes here in the Philippines, on top of their exciting Asian cruise itineraries (check out the list here)?

"During the day time, kids can do their activity, parents can do their activity, but during meal time they're all together. the best time about being in the ship is when we start the engine, we hear the laughter of our passenger," they share.

So what's the most exciting part of every trip, we ask them, too. "First, the dining experience, we really do good food. Second is the entertaiment, the international shows that we do are very well choreographed, the lighting, costumes and music. And the third thing is the lifestyle experience, they can go to the spa, the kids could enjoy and the parents could sit there and have a good cup of coffee."

First time cruisers will be surprised at how well this holiday option suits them, and if you're still not convinced, we've compiled six more reasons why you should go cruisin':


1. Choice. Over the last few years the number of ships and routes available to travelers have vastly increased. There are cruises on very large ships with lots of things to do on board or more intimate options, as well as adventure cruises packed with adrenalin or cruises that take on a more relaxing pace. You can literally take your pick!


2. The journey is part of the experience. When you go on a holiday to one destination, chances are you get in the car, on a plane or train to travel to that destination. With a cruise, you will travel to multiple destinations, but you’ll only have to unpack once and the journey is part of the experience. Once on board your ship, you will be whisked off to your chosen destinations whilst enjoying the view up on deck, or taking advantage of the pool, the gym, the on board restaurants, the evening entertainment and/or the variety of classes available on-board.


3. Family friendly. If you are traveling with children, then many cruises will offer activities for young people of all ages. There will be kids clubs on board for children and other activities to keep the older ones happy.


A cruise is the ideal family vacation if you are traveling with children of different ages. There are a variety of activities for all ages. Days can be spent relaxing by the pool, or racing down water slides. You can catch a show before or after dinner. Enjoy a massage while the kids are spending time with their grandparents. The possibilities for fun are endless. Look at how the Gutierrez family maximizes their cruise experience:


4. Makes a wonderful use of time. Cruising really does allow you to make wonderful use of your time. You can pack a lot of locations into one one big trip. Check out model and influencer LA Aguinaldo having a good time during his cruise trip.


5. Easy. It saves you from organizing multiple hotels and transfers if you are visiting the same locations independently.


6. Unique experience. Cruising is truly a unique type of holiday. You can tailor fit it to your personality, and you will surely meet some really fantastic and interesting people who may even have similar tastes as yours. You’ll also be able to experience unique things like the thrill of watching your ship cast off or the beauty of your first sunset on deck.


And for special occassions and gathering, a cruise trip would definitely be perfect, too! Take it from the Queen of Talk, Kris Aquino, who opted to hold her son Josh's birthday on a cruise a few years ago.


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