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In Focus: 5 Reasons Why We Love Watching Lovely And Fun-Loving Andrea Brillantes Grow Up

In Focus: 5 Reasons Why We Love Watching Lovely And Fun-Loving Andrea Brillantes Grow Up

We asked a random varsity dude who was super busy with school and barely watches any local TV to mention a female Kapamilya celebrity who first came to mind. One name came forth, Andrea Brillantes—this is one minor example of the young teen's online caliber and reach in addition to her fame on TV. Her beauty, camera presence, acting talent, and creative edge online have set the spotlight on her blossoming youth. Here are a handful of reasons why we can't take our eyes off Andrea's rise in the industry:


1. Andrea, at the young age of 13 (going on 14), has already put in hard work from her early years. Who can forget her endearing child star performances on Annaliza whether it was with a smile that made her eyes disappear when she laughed or tear-filled eyes that made you want to reach into your TV set and give her a hug? Look what we found on her Instagram account, too, baby pictures from way back when she was little.


2. As of 2015, Andrea was already matching the onscreen energy level of lead actors older than her. In this video where Andrea plays the role of vengeful Lia in 2015's Pangako Sa 'Yo, a role formerly played by Jodi Sta. Maria, Andrea outdoes nearly everyone in the scene and convinces you of the heartbreak she has for being loyal to her kontrabida mom. We can't wait to see Andrea get more central acting roles.


3. She loves to dance and is super good at it. You can see her kind of zone out once it's time to dance, it's almost as if she's in a bubble, something she just switches on when the music plays, and her limbs follow in coordination.


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4. She’s beautiful and was born with the the most “on fleek” pair of brows we’ve ever seen. Even as a baby, Andrea already had an abundance of brow terrain on her face and they soon proved to be a highly flattering asset in her showbiz career.

Makeup by Justine Del Rosario, Hair by Marki Barrola


5. Her natural kwela and smart Pinay humor make her interesting to watch as a vlogger, too. Almost everything you need to see and understand about her vlogging success online is in her Valentine's Day vlog below. She's a natural, full of energy that's not too in your face but still oozing with dorkiness and charm all throughout, and not in a trying hard sort of way. There's a bit of Manila street spunkiness in her that's hard to match. Andrea is no doubt entertaining and the camera loves that face. LOL at when she was game to watch a movie and everyone with her in the vehicle just didn't feel like responding on camera.


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