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In Focus: Celebrity Photographer Raymund Isaac Talks Life Skills And Fave Star Subjects

In Focus: Celebrity Photographer Raymund Isaac Talks Life Skills And Fave Star Subjects

There’s nothing like some inspirational photography books to reignite your interest in photography. There are just about a million reasons why photography is an amazing and moving craft. And many people—whether photographers or not—are drawn to the art of seizing life and capturing moments, and pictures truly have the innate capacity to spark all sorts of different emotions.

But among the best things about photography is that it is essentially inexhaustible—there is simply no way to run out of images to create, nor is there an end to the means you can represent a slice of life.

Without a doubt, you can simply spend some time opening your senses to anything around you, wait for your imagination to start churning, and expect to be inspired to create. If inspiration is just the thing you are looking for, there are many ways to get exposure to a spectrum of images and visuals that may spark the artist in you.

To air you in pressing on towards your quest for inspiration and creativity, here's a book that can certainly inspire you, produced by one of the country's greatest photographers, Raymund Isaac entitled "The Good Photographer".

In this book, he shares the lessons he has learned and the joy he has experienced in being a professional photographer for more than 30 years. From the brief and insightful texts against breathtaking images, both aspiring and established photographers as well as the ordinary reader can pick up tips, lessons, and inspiration on photography and graphic arts, improving one’s craft, and savoring the beauty in all things.

Here's a glimpse of the best quotes and tips from Raymund's book to inspire you: 

1. Be in love with your subject. Learn the art of courtship when directing a model.

2. There are no bad photographs, only levels of taste and styles. No taste, no style being the lowest, of course.

3. Make mistakes and learn from them. Failure is important in learning. Explore an angle that you have never done before. Shoot like it's the last photograph you will ever do.

4. Experiment always. Everything is easier said than done, but still possible. Give yourself a personal project, but really go out and do it. Develop that instinct for beauty. 

5. Good photographers never consider themselves the best. They know they can always improve on their craft.


Through the years, Raymund has sure made a lot of true celebrity friends and here, and he mentioned how it is like working with some of them:


Piolo Pascual. "This talented actor is so versatile, he has become a favorite endorser of the Philippines. He doesn't show any signs of slowing down or aging at all. The challenge with shooting him is to constantly reinvent his image due to so many photographs taken of him."


Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. "Our relationship goes way back. When I said that this lady would be the best thing in the industry, nobody believed me. So I pushed this so much, fun that finally a magazine gave in to my request to make her a cover. Years after, she's still a big thing. With Juday, you can't put a good man down, in her case, a very good woman, actress, wife, daughter, and mother!"


Coco Martin. "Another actor, whom I've gotten close to is this versatile actor who started from humble beginnings. He is never late, always down to earth and the easiest person to work with. His personality grows on you as time passes and it is no surprise why he is the Primetime King."


Sharon Cuneta. "She has been my crush since high school. So every time I shoot her, there is this need to put her on a pedestal or create a romantic fantasy as part of the imagery, that one has always been in my head ever since I met her. This beautiful woman never stops being sweet and thoughtful ever since I met her."


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The Good Photographer is available at National Book Store




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