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Love Actually: Andi Eigenmann And Emilio Arambulo, Love Between Two Freedoms

Love Actually: Andi Eigenmann And Emilio Arambulo, Love Between Two Freedoms

The most beautiful things are sometimes best kept to yourself to keep its purity and intensity—but something as sweet as actress Andi Eigenmann's new relationship is worthy to known by the world as it's proof that you can find love again no matter what you've gone through. Thankfully, Andi has started to be more open recently in talking about her non-showbiz boyfriend, Emilio Arambulo.

Say hello to Andi's beau!


Not that much is known by the public about Emilio, save for a few things: That he's got a penchant for surfing, has modeled for brands like Bench, and the most obvious, that he's good-looking with that rugged edge. Only few photos of them may have been shared by Andi to date, but these are all telling of just how enviable their relationship is. “Love can flow only between two freedoms," describes the mestiza stunner.

There's no denying that they are very much in love; as for us, we're totally loving how she's waxing poetic about their romance:


1. "And then I realized, those mountains that I was carrying, I was only meant to climb.”


2. "Be with someone who helps carry you up, not someone who brings you down."


3. "May you never get tired of my kind of funny, because I will never get tired of your type of chill" - Andi's Valentine's Day message to Emilio.


4. "It's all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you." - At last year's Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival


5. "No matter how low you may find yourself in, I will be here to treat you as though you are in your highest, because I believe in you." - Excerpt from Andi's birthday greeting to Emilio


6. "No matter how busy you may get, making time for your loved one is always worth it!” Another V-Day greeting



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