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In Focus: Here Are More Reasons To Fall In Love With BoybandPH

In Focus: Here Are More Reasons To Fall In Love With BoybandPH

Comprised of Joao Constancia, Ford Valencia, Niel Murillo, Russell Reyes, and Tristan Ramirez, it seems like there's no stopping BoybandPH from making girls everywhere swoon with their singing and dancing skills:

Meet your newest eye candies!


Beyond their skills and charm, the dashing quintet also have a spot-on OOTD game, from matching hoodies...

 They make hoodies a trending fashion statement!


To matching shirts, complete with their group's logo...

Rocking the T-shirt and denim pants combo effortlessly.


To sporting rockstar-themed apparel.

Bad boy cuties, don't you think?


An EP and three singles later, these hotties continue to bring on the feels to their fans...

Such lucky fans!


Their smooth dance moves are just ka-kilig!


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They look adorable even when taking selfies.

They're the most handsome "gangstas" today.


Accomplished artists fangirl over them, too.

Even Lea Salonga is a fan of BoybandPH! 

Recently, the boys made an appearance on Magandang Buhay, and we all got to know more about them.

Happy momshies, indeed!


They shed a few tears as they talked about their families, proof that even tough guys are softies.


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 Boyfriend material even at their most vulnerable.


They performed some of their hit songs, of course.


Joined by their "superfans," they played a guessing game.


Here's what we found out from it:

1. Joao used to work in the airport, and also hates horror movies.

2. Russel is a certified "no girlfriend since birth" guy.

3. Tristan used to be a track and field varsity player.

4. Niel loves computer games even up to now as a teenager.

5. They believe all girls are naturally beautiful, and are into simple girls! 


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