Hot Stuff: Nokia 3310, King Of Brick Phones, Is Back With A Twist

Hot Stuff: Nokia 3310, King Of Brick Phones, Is Back With A Twist

It was gray, bulky, and indestructible. And no, this isn’t your grandfather we’re talking about. Kids of the '90s will attest to this: The Nokia 3310 is not something you can easily forget. This iconic brick phone introduced thousands of Filipinos to the exciting world of mobility. What with its seemingly undying battery life and sturdy body, the Nokia 3310 takes the cake as your trusty phone companion.

The old Nokia 3310 was called a "brick phone" for a reason.



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And now it’s back. The Nokia 3310 was discontinued in 2005, perhaps to give way to the rise of feature phones. But it’s here again, with a modern twist, twelve years after. Finnish startup HMD Global, which will sell Nokia phones under license in Q2 2017, relaunched the iconic phone model during the 2017 Mobile World Congress.

“Nokia phones stir real emotions; people know them for their beautiful design and craftsmanship, together with a built-to-last quality that you can rely on,” Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer of HMD Global, said in a press release.

Indeed, the new Nokia 3310 has a lot going for it. Instead of just the usual gray, it is now available in various colors and finish—warm red and yellow with a gloss finish and dark blue and grey with a matte finish. It boasts of a 22-hour talk time and can last for a month on standby. Celebrities must be upgrading their list of top things to bring when stuck in an island list right now! Oh, and guess what, it also has Snake, that age-old, addictive game where you don’t really need to walk to catch em’ all.

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“We wanted to reward loyal Nokia phone fans and make a statement that rich heritage, innovation and modern design can go hand-in-hand. Fundamentally, it is about making sure that right across our portfolio we are delivering this pure Nokia experience,” said Sarvikas.

The relaunch excited many who relate to owning a retro Nokia 3310 phone. Watching the young ones and not-so-young ones express their excitement on Twitter was very amusing. Here are a few interesting thoughts so far—enjoy!



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Photographs from the Nokia website, Wikipedia.




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