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Hot Stuff: "Mula Sa Buwan," A Love Story That's More Than What Meets The Eye

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By Faye Martinez
Chalk Campus Correspondent


A heartfelt story that can capture the hearts and minds of the audience, a tale as pure as the love that it portrays. Mula sa Buwan is a Filipino musical based on Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac and its Filipino translation by Soc Rodrigo. Held at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater inside the Ateneo de Manila University campus last weekend, the story is set in time of the impending World War II in the Philippines, beginning with the unrequited love of Cyrano—a funny, intelligent, kind-hearted young man in the ROTC—along with his quirky group of friends and fellow cadets.

Photograph by Ma. Cristine Faye Denna


Cyrano is madly in love with his childhood friend Roxane who just so happens to have fallen head over heels in love with handsome new recruit Christian. The two young men couldn't be any more opposite, with Cyrano possessing the brains but none of the looks and Christian being gorgeous though lacking in intellect.

Photograph by Ma. Cristine Faye Denna


With the ensemble cast’s skillful display of singing and acting right at the start of the first act, the consistency and flow of the story didn’t miss even a beat. Bringing this passionate story to life is Cyrano (alternately played by Nicco Manalo and Boo Gabunada), Christian (Fred Lo and Edward Benosa), and Roxane (KL Dizon). The love triangle created palpable chemistry on stage that had their audience laughing at their witty and nonchalant jokes and tearing up with their relatable insecurities in love.

Photograph by Vlad Gonzales


Read more praise for Mula Sa Buwan below!






A job well done to the creators Pat Valera and William Manzano!


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Banner photograph by BBX. Special thanks to Jay Homer Panganiban and Pat Valera.




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