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Hot Stuff: Consider These Jeans Your New Style BFF!

Hot Stuff: Consider These Jeans Your New Style BFF!


By Joelle Ngo


We all know the hassle that comes with bringing extra clothes and changing into your casual wear after every workout sesh, and it's not the easiest thing to do especially if you're a commuter.

Well, worry no more because Freego just released their Yoga Jeans—and they've come to save the day! The idea of jeans as sportswear might sound impossible at first, but this nod to athleisure has become a new fashion trend you can be on board with. Plus, it's far from fleeting as proven by many celebrities who follow this unique trend!

If you still think Yoga Jeans aren't for you, we’ve listed below some reasons that may convince you why these pairs might just be your closet's newest gem!

It helps saves time and money! Changing clothes before and after your workout usually takes a lot of your time you could very well spend doing other things. With these extremely comfy jeans' quick-dry fabric, you can easily workout and run in no time. You don't have to spend on extra gym leggings, too!


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It's an all-around pair. Freego truly pushed the borders of versatility up several notches when they created these jeans that's perfect for any activity. They aren’t called Yoga Jeans for nothing! They're made from ultra-stretchable fabric that also features a hidden waistband pocket.


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It's ultra-trendy and fashionable. It's no wonder that celebs like Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, and Kylie Jenner fell in love with athleisure. After all, it's extremely chic! The Freego Yoga Jeans and could be easily incorporated in your existing wardrobe, taking you from the office to the gym and the mall without compromising fashion.


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It’s suitable for many different occasions. Whether you're going to school or work, lunch out with friends, or even dinner date, you name it, these jeans can stand by you throughout any kind of day!


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It comes in great styles and different washes. These Freego Yoga Jeans allow you to choose from a wide variety of stylish designs such as the Devon low waist, slim cut jeggings that come in Enzyme and Acid Wash, and the Cindy regular waist, super skinny fit jeans that come in Rinse Wash.


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For a complete listing of stores where Freego Yoga Jeans are available, log on to


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