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Hot Stuff: Kathryn, Sofia, Joey, And Toni Have All Joined This Most Beautiful Squad

Hot Stuff: Kathryn, Sofia, Joey, And Toni Have All Joined This Most Beautiful Squad

A Greek philosopher once said: “The only constant is change.” Life’s beauty flows from its dynamism: A constant flux of infinite potentials. We only have to embrace its flow and appreciate where the currents of evolution lead us.

Pond’s pays homage to the beauty of change with its unveiling of the faces of its #ChangeIsBeautiful Campaign, all worthy additions to the other extraordinary women who make up the Pond's Beauty Council.  Each lady embodies the graceful surrender of who they were and the eager anticipation of what they can become, reveling in the unfolding experiences their journey brings.  


Metamorphosis: Sofia Andres


Standing on a career precipice may be quite daunting, but Sofia Andres shows us how to do it with style. The 18 year old stunner is Tinsel Town’s latest progeny: A young lady brimming with infinite potential. From her bevy of supporting roles in several television and film appearances, the world is definitely taking notice of Sofia’s rising fame. As her legion of fans grow every day, it is clear that Sofia is poised to carve her own niche and emerge as a young star in her own right, shining brightly with the promise of possibilities.

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Renaissance: Kathryn Bernardo


We blinked and she grew up! Beloved Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo is flexing her wings by revealing her edgier facets and a depth otherwise hidden from the public eye. Her recent jaunts with the media give us tantalizing tidbits on the shape of things to come. This young lady is definitely taking her career a notch higher, stepping out more confidently as she presents a bolder, and infinitely more fascinating, side to the Kathryn we know and love.

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Evolution: Toni Gonzaga-Soriano


That Toni Gonzaga is the Ultimate Multimedia Star is amply proven by her smashing success on several media platforms. This woman is certainly not a one-trick pony: Few can boast of how she has breezed through a variety of roles: A commercial model, to television host, film actress, and a recording artist. Name it, Toni has done it all with great aplomb. With the birth of her son, she embarks on her most important role to date: Motherhood. With the effortless poise that she has handled her career, one can expect that Toni is certainly up to the task, proving that the hand that rocks the cradle is indeed the one that rocks the world.

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Revolution: Joey Mead


Today, we are seeing shifting paradigms on the definitions of relationships. Joey Mead’s take on intimacy and true partnerships blazes new trails that challenge current conventions. Her brave foray into unchartered territories challenges our existing notions, allowing us to expand and reinvent how we relate to others, proving once and for all that true love knows no boundaries.

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With their individual life journeys, these ladies demonstrate that the best way to make sense out of change is to fearlessly take the plunge, dwell with change and move with it. The beauty of change lies in its consistency, a steady beacon that marks the passing of time. The moment that we accept its inevitability is the moment when we ultimately harness our full potential. Let us make a conscious choice to focus our energies not on holding on to the old but on forging a beautiful new reality for ourselves.


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