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Cheat Sheet: Your Wanderland Music & Arts Festival Survival Guide

Cheat Sheet: Your Wanderland Music & Arts Festival Survival Guide


By Tine Piedad
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Going to festivals is a must-do for any music lover, but it's not all fun if you don't prepare for it. (Spending a whole day outdoors with a gazillion people around is no joke!) Whether it's your first time to attend Wanderland Music & Arts Festival or you've been a loyal Wanderer since the first festival back in 2013, we got your back! Here are things you should remember before heading to the wilderness that is Wanderland!

Get enough rest. Get a good night’s sleep the night before the event, as music festivals require a lot of energy. Make sure you're well-rested, well-fed, and well-hydrated because you'd want to last until the finale!

Come prepared. 
Have a list of things you should bring such as cash, ATM card, (fully charged) power bank, picnic mat, ID, and, of course, and your festival passes. It also pays to check the weather forecast to be extra ready. You can also plan your day ahead by looking up the festival map, the playtime schedule, and the house rules, among others.


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Appreciate the art. Don't forget the "art" in Wanderland Music & Arts Festival! There will be tons of eye candy—and we don't just mean the cuties you'll be spotting. Seriously, though, there's much to see in the festival grounds, so make the most out of your day with a little artsy trip.



Gather the squad. In good and bad situations, it pays to have great company. Bring your best friends and make sure not to lose them by setting meet-up places throughout the festival area. It’s important to know that you have friends to watch your back and your pack.


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Dress comfortably. Looking good for that #OOTD is important, but the ultimate goal is to feel fresh and comfortable while showing your personal style. Besides, a comfortable festival-goer is a happy festival-goer.


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Wear thy sun protectors. Do not forget to wear and bring your sunscreen to protect your skin. Take advantage of that fancy hat, that sheer kimono, and those sunnies to look lit (not burnt).


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Stay hydrated. Combining the heat, all the dancing, singing, and moving around, it’s so important to bring your water bottle and drink lots of liquids—no, alcohol doesn't count—to stay hydrated.


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Party responsibly. Remember to listen to your body. Know your limits. Be sure to know who gave the booze and where it came from, and say no to drugs!


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Stay safe. It's totally fine to have fun and lose yourself, but remember to keep yourself out of harm's way. When you're in the middle of a giant crowd, be careful not to squash (and be squashed by) anyone.


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Put your phone down. Must. Resist. Taking. Instagram stories. It's time to live in the moment and embrace the festival spirit! Be serious about having fun, see as many acts as possible, take part in the different booths, and befriend your fellow music lovers!


See you at Wanderland on March 4!


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