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In Focus: The Best Summer Spots For The Spontaneous

In Focus: The Best Summer Spots For The Spontaneous

By April Jamie Bustamante


Everyone loves summer. Unlike any other season, it brings out the spontaneous side of people. Maybe it’s how everything gleams in sunshine—as if the sun is actually teasing us to go out; or maybe it’s the warm weather giving us all the happy feels. For whatever reason, during summer, everyone wants to break loose and look for adventure: Going on a road trip to Tagaytay just because they felt like it, hitting the beach to get away from the city, or even booking last-minute plane tickets to anywhere in the world. If you’re one of these super spontaneous souls, READ ON because we want you to get your money’s worth.

As early as now, we’re giving you our top destinations. Try one, two, or better yet—everything on the list and make this year’s summer escapade bring you lifelong memories!


Animasola Island Rock Formations
Standing on the vibrant waters of Masbate are Animasola Island’s scenic rock formations. Intricately sculpted by nature over the years, these stunning structures are the testament that Mother Earth is the greatest artist of all time. Famed as “The Lonely Soul Island,” Animasola is the perfect spot to quiet your mind and heart.

Bat-ongan Cave
If you’re feeling more adventurous, take a trip to Mandaon and uncover the mysteries of Bat-ongan Cave. Fascinating stories surround its deep chambers, as locals say that it was used as burial grounds for their ancestors. Standing at about 150 feet, you would have to brave your way up to its peak, where a breathtaking picturesque view awaits you! And it even gets more exciting because around 10 kilometers away, you’ll also find an enchanting underground river—making the trip all the more worth it!



Tablas Island
Nestled in the pristine waters of the Marble Capital of the Country is this underrated piece of paradise, Tablas Island. As one of the biggest islands in Romblon, it holds exciting activities to make your summer more unforgettable. Besides enjoying its white sand, basking in the warm sunshine, and plunging into its refreshing waters, here’s a couple of things you can do:

- Take a relaxing dip in the warm waters of Mainit Falls. True to its name, Mainit Falls is enveloped in a cluster of rocks heating its pools—the absolute spot to unwind and get in touch with nature.

- Channel your inner Dory and get up close and personal with fish! Head over to Looc Bay Marine Refuge and Sanctuary, go snorkeling, and discover nature’s most magnificent realms. But remember, the locals give it their best to protect the refuge, so be mindful of what you leave before you take off. As they say, “Take nothing but pictures, bring nothing but memories, and leave nothing but footprints.”

So remember, when you get the impulse to book that flight, think of Masbate, Romblon, and all its captivating wonders. Never resist the urge to feed your sense of wanderlust! Go ahead, phone your friends, schedule your VLs, book that flight, and make this the adventure of a lifetime! After all, that’s what summer is all about, right?

To make your summer experience even more fun and economical, choose Cebu Pacific to fly to your desired destination. The airline flies daily between Manila and Masbate; and four times weekly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday) between Manila and Tablas. They usually have seat sales, so download the Cebu Pacific mobile app, visit, or call +6327020888 now!


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Photographs from Cebu Pacific




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