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Hot Stuff: Explore The Lure Of Going Against The Conventional In Vault's "Infamy" Issue

Hot Stuff: Explore The Lure Of Going Against The Conventional In Vault's




The luxury landscape is one that fluctuates from year to year, but some things remain unchanged. One of these is the allure of infamy among men of status, and it is this idea that Vault explores in a range of aspects.

The subject of infamy is one that resonates with the modern man. Because simply being popular is never enough. The modern man has to have a sense of edginess, must show his grit, bare his quality. Still, this must all be done with a certain elegance, a kind of grace that resides only in the truly great.

“When we decided on infamy as a theme, we wanted to explore the lure of going against the conventional,” says Aurelio Icasiano III, Vault’s Executive Editor. “This issue has been inspired by people who made their way to the top by tearing down the walls; places that have shunned the rest of the world or simply don’t care what it thinks; and all the things in the luxury world that make us hold our breaths with their audacity. Most of us have a secret desire to be known for something, even if it means breaking the rules, and this is our tribute to that hope.” 

With this in mind, Vault has collected an assortment of stories that go beyond the usual.

Headlining the issue is a visit to Cuba weeks before the death of its firebrand leader, Fidel Castro. A last look at a place that’s been stuck in time for more than half a century, before everything changes for better or worse.

The issue also takes its readers on a walk through the streets of Shinjuku, experiencing its wild nightlife, which might be described as extravagant weirdness. it takes a look at the watches and cars that have a certain edginess, each one a marvel of engineering. It traces the drug routes of Pablo Escobar’s planes—the most notorious fleet in history. 

Vault has coupled its annual release with a new, much larger format, giving it more space to show its subjects in detail. It also features a new, more modern layout, which better reflects the premium space it occupies in the print industry.

“I want to keep showing our readers the best of the luxury world,” says Icasiano. “Infamy is something that people can identify with or have a secret desire for, and I hope you see a little of yourself in Vault’s pages.”


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Check out all these and more in Vault 2016, now out in major bookstores. Vault is available in bookstores and on newsstands for P300. Like Vault on Facebook.




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