Space-Saving Units: Walls that Double as Storage

Space-Saving Units: Walls that Double as Storage

Who would have imagined that walls can be redesigned in such a way that they also serve as storage while making the overall look of the unit seamless and clean?

One of the challenges with most condominium units nowadays is the limited space a unit can offer to its owner. With units measuring as small as 30 sqM for a studio type unit, one may wonder how you can fit all of an owner’s needs, such as a bed, kitchen, television set, a table, and storage space with a limited floor area.

In this unit (as seen in the banner photo), it was designed in such a way that it managed to fit the aforementioned features in a limited space without making the unit look cramped. One of its secrets? The way cabinets have been utilized in the unit.

To make the most of limited space, the unit’s walls have been fitted with cabinets, of various sizes, to accommodate the belongings of its user. Also, the cabinets were fitted in a way that they may look like the unit’s walls at first, with the shiny handles being a giveaway that these walls serve another purpose.

Even the small kitchen area is adorned with several cabinets as well to accommodate the kitchen (and laundry) needs of the owner.

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