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In Focus: 5 Moments Edward Barber Gave “The Next Big Superstar” Vibes On PBB

In Focus: 5 Moments Edward Barber Gave “The Next Big Superstar” Vibes On PBB

We simply cannot get over this simple fact that Pinoy Big Brother heartthrob, Edward Barber, isn't just a pretty face. He proved in his slam-dunk audition with acclaimed director Rory Quintos that he has what it takes to make it in the local industry as a seriously good actor. We kid you not, if you watch his audition you will most likely watch it again or share it with someone.

Direk Rory began by reassuring Edward that his inexperienced Tagalog pronunciation will not be faulted, what matters is that he shows the emotions that the acting brief requires. Direk was nothing short of impressed with Edward's performance after her little push for him to recall some painful things in his past, which was also nothing short of revealing for all you people pining for this EurAsian hottie. There was even mention of his secret heartache from the PBB Teen Edition when he truly cared for someone inside.


Here are the five moments from this whole audition that moved us the most:


1. Edward walking in and correcting his greeting from "Good morning to... good afternoon..." indicative of nervous vibes. We can totally relate, Edward, it's one of the most key moments where you're most eager to impress and as early as that we can tell you're extra hard on yourself when it comes to perfecting the small things, most probable credit to the German in you.

2. Edward emoting about breaking the bro code with his best friend when they liked the same girl (and working the single tear scene). You can tell that this friend most likely from abroad meant a lot to him, sometimes you can't help it if you and a close friend have feelings for the same person. In this type of situation, we all burn and learn but Edward shone like a true star when asked to show guilt by channelling these old feelings and Direk Rory helped set his mood for the scene.

3. Edward ending the intensity of that Guilt scene by answering "Weird" when Direk Rory asked him how he felt. What a cutie! Seriously, how he just shut off that intensity was really cute. We also love it when Direk Rory says "shake it off, shake it off, breathe." Don't we all need someone like Direk for everyday life in general?

4. Edward revealing his past feelings for a former PBB Teen Edition housemate that resulted in heartache for the "Sad But No Tears" acting challenge. There was once a girl Edward openly cared for, but she cared for someone else and life sometimes does not always have easy answers to all our questions or lack of closure. As we all painfully realize sometimes, disinterest is the equivalent of closure. Edward is able to dish out his heart questions ever since on the matter to do the scene.

5. Edward's self-assured and confident response to Direk Rory when asked if he was sure he really wanted to be an actor and do this multiple times a day. Edward's confident yet gentle answer is so convincing it's like you can imagine a montage of his future in TV and film beginning to play out in your head.


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