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In Focus: How Nico Bolzico Made The World Fall In Love Even More With His Wifezilla Solenn Heussaff

In Focus: How Nico Bolzico Made The World Fall In Love Even More With His Wifezilla Solenn Heussaff

Urban Dictionary defines "wifezilla” as “a woman that started off cool, but turned into a total pain in the butt after marriage.” Think "bridezilla," but with a ring on it.


LM10 Corporation founder Nico Bolzico is one of many men who uses the term "wifezilla" a lot. One look at his Instagram is enough to know that he dedicates it to his wife of almost a year, Solenn Heussaff.


Case in point:

Mornings become less peaceful.


How to wake up WifeZilla version 1 point oh! #wifezillaseries

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Playing jokes don’t always turn out the way you expect them to.


And teamwork starts to look something like this.  

Pictures > everything else


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Wifezillas will stop at nothing to get what they want.   


And we are back, live with Betty the fly! That was her 4th attempt! #waitforit #wifezillaseries #ripbetty

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While husbands are expected to comply with their non-negotiable needs.


Or be (literally) kicked in the butt.



Nico has, no doubt, almost singlehandedly transformed the meaning into a term of endearment. She is someone who, after years of dating, gets his lingo...


takes care of him,


and most importantly, makes him laugh!

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She blows him away with her dope rap skills. 


And puts on her dancing shoes even if it makes her look funny.


They even have cute (not-so) serious discussions on serious topics. 



He’s lucky to have someone who not only cooks healthy and delicious meals...


But takes great photos of them! 


They do all sorts of fun, outdoor activities together...


They travel around the world, hand-in-hand. 


And value whatever time they have together, no matter how crazy their schedules get.


From the looks of it, Solenn and Nico are no doubt two very fit...


very beautiful people...


Who clearly love each other...


And all their quirks. #couplegoals at its finest.


Sexy, sexy ... BATMAN! #wifezillaseries #weneedabatmanemoticon

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Photographs from / Artwork by PV Sandrino




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