In Focus: Bianca And JC Intal’s Home Design Efforts Level Up Their Wonder Parent Points

In Focus:  Bianca And JC Intal’s Home Design Efforts Level Up Their Wonder Parent Points

Dealing with the terrible twos can be a challenge for any parent. But for Bianca Gonzalez-Intal and JC Intal, it's all a matter of baby-proofing their home so little Lucia is extra protected as she goes through life, even if she'll be all out makulit...


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Mini heart attack alert!


How has the Intal family made their home friendly (and safe) for Lucia? For one, they have redecorated their living room with a tent dedicated to their little one, giving Lucia personal space aside from her room.

Those cute pillows make Lucia's stay in her own tent enjoyable (Quick trivia: That
Ivan Acuña painting behind the tent is JC's gift to Lucia!).


To avoid possible accidents due to slippery floors, colorful rubber mats are placed in areas Lucia would often visit inside the house. Aside from being anti-slip, these mats serve as markers for baby Lucia as she satisfies her curiosity for things. 

Bright colors help in babies' brain development.


 During off days, the black couch at their living area is JC and Lucia's favorite place at home for father-daughter bonding, next to Lucia's room.


In Lucia's room, JC and Bianca installed a mosquito light as well.

 Mosquito lights also make for nice night light as well!


While Lucia's room is mostly white in color, a dash of pastels gives it a bright and cheerful ambiance, perfect for a sweet little baby like her.

Daddy JC would hang in Lucia's room once in a while for some father-daughter bonding.


While safety is a top priority, JC and Bianca also care greatly about Lucia's development. Aside from making their home baby-friendly, they purchased various toys, including a kiddie basketball court, all for Lucia to enjoy.

Lucia as a basketball player someday? Why not!


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