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In Focus: Meet The Sweethearts Of Our Fave Digital Baes

In Focus: Meet The Sweethearts Of Our Fave Digital Baes

Behind every blogger is a supportive real-life partner! Brace your hearts for feels and cuteness overload.


1. Vern Enciso (@vernenciso) and Ben Lim (@benlimm). The half of blogging duo V <3 V has been in a relationship with Ben, a businessman based in Cebu, for three years now, and their bond just keep on getting sweeter and sweeter. While they live in two different places in the Philippines, the two make it a point to put a premium on communication and patience so distance don't get the better of them.



2. David Guison (@davidguison) and Vina Guerrero (@vinaguerrero). What started as a crush (top Filipino menswear blogger David had a crush on Vina when he first saw her) eventually turned into real romance. Being bloggers, their travel and OOTD photos together are definitely #goals for any couple.


3. Kryz Uy (@kryzzzie) and Slater Young (@thatguyslater). While Slater has his hands full being the CEO of their construction company and Kryz is very busy with her various pursuits not just as a blogger but an entreprenuer, the two always make time to travel try out new things together, goof it up with one another, and support each other in his/her endeavors.

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4. Camille Co (@itscamilleco) and Joni Koro (@jommek). While Camille rarely talks about her love life, she does post occasional photos of Joni which piqued our interest more. Did you know that these two cuties met on a plane? And albeit Joni's career is on the serious side (he's a company CEO), he's also become real good at being an Instagram boyfriend (lots of Camille's photos have been shot by him!).



5. Tricia Gosingtian (@tgosingtian) and RG Gabunada (@rgabunada). Their wedding is as beautiful as what we expected from a creative like Tricia, and now they're serving up more kilig through their travels and their daily diaries of married life, specifically their kitchen adventures (check out the hashtags #rgandtriciawillgoplaces and #rgandtgmarriedlifereport to see what we mean!).

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6. Patricia Prieto (@patriciaprieto) and Kako Cojuangco (@kakoc11). “The spark between us is still there and I don’t see it fizzing away anytime soon,” Patricia said of her relationship with the law school student in her 2016 reflection post. We love this pair's foodie and beach adventures!



7. Chi Gibbs (@chiiloyzagagibbs) and Anton Cruz (@antoncruz). Managing her own clothing brand, in addition to having a YouTube channel with sister Gabs Gibbs, there's no doubt Chi is one busy woman. Thankfully, aside from support from her family, Chi has an equally supportive boyfriend in the person of Anton, whom she enjoys exploring the world with.



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