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Cheat Sheet: 10 Ways To Be Your Own 'It' Girl, By Elisse, Sofia, and Ylona

Cheat Sheet: 10 Ways To Be Your Own 'It' Girl, By Elisse, Sofia, and Ylona

This month’s cover of Metro features three of the fastest rising young female talents in showbiz: Elisse Joson, Sofia Andres, and Ylona Garcia. They’re drop dead gorgeous on cam, but knowing their long lists of achievements and after reading about their life stories in the magazine, these girls seem to be well on their way to practically 'it' girl status, too, with their reality TV appearances, lasting fame, love team pairings, and social media influence.  

This behind-the-scenes video of their Metro cover shoot is just proof of how lovable these young ladies are:


We've compiled nuggets of wisdom to cop from them:


1. Embrace your #hugot. Ah, young love. If you’ve gone through your fair share of romance and heartbreak, like Elisse (remember when she talked about the 3 J's in the Pinoy Big Brother confession room?), don’t be afraid to share that experience to others who may be going through something similar.  

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2. See the good in challenges. Strength is best built in situations that force you to be outside your comfort zone. Elisse lived in the States for six years, where in their community, she was subject to bullying and struggled with learning the English language. Still, she says, the experience “made me realize I can stand up on my own.” Props to her, considering how far she’s come since then.


3. Never forget your family. Even when the going got tough, and despite the typical mother-daughter clashes that they have, Elisse has nothing but love and admiration for mom (who raised her as a single parent, which is super hard).  According to Elisse, "she's my role model, the person I most admire".  Sometimes, family is all you got in this world. Understanding how your loved ones work through the situations life throws sets a good example for kids, and is something worth picking up.


4. Don’t give up. Getting into PBB wasn’t a cakewalk for Elisse. In fact, she didn’t get in on her first try. But that didn’t stop her from auditioning again and eventually making it. "I've been wanting to be part of it for some time now, so when I finally got in, it made it even more special," she explains. Lesson learned from this? Persistence is key. Don't let anything or anyone discourage you from going after your dreams.


5. Remember that looks aren’t everything. As beautiful as she is, Sofia acknowledges that there are tons of other pretty faces in the showbiz. But she also knows that what will really set her apart from the rest is her acting ability. To her, "Talent is more important." Certainly, not everyone is in an industry that cares about how you look or how you dress but it’s important to be like Sofia—that is, to bank on the skills that can actually get you to where you want to be. 

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6. Strive for excellence. Speaking of skills, Sofia makes it a point to constantly improve her craft by taking her workshops seriously. " have to keep improving by going to workshops, so 'yung skills mag-improve," she insists. Leave it to this 'it' girl to show us to not settle for only what you’re currently capable of doing. There are ways to get better.


7. Don't just dwell on the past. Showbiz is definitely Sofia's top priority right now. "This is what I want talaga, but there's a disadvantage kasi sayang, may mga hindi ako nagawa before." We all have regrets and missed opportunities. But instead of sulking over what could have been, we can learn a thing or two from her on taking advantage of what the future holds.   


8. Pursue your passions. Ylona has been going hard since she was a child. If she had a resume, her credentials would include becoming a singer, songwriter, composer, actress, model, and reality show contestant, and dancer—all done before the age of 16! Prior to her decision to stay in the Philippines for good, Ylona maintained a strong YouTube following and joined all kinds of talent contests in Australia. If she could do those things Down Under, what’s stopping us from trying what we want and taking advantages of the resources or opportunities here?


9. Have an outlet.  For Ylona, "music is everything." "There were times when I was sad, but when I listened to music everything just got better," she says. Finding activities that allow you to express your emotions is a great way to destress and cope with whatever troubles you.  


10. Don’t be afraid to be silly! Ylona likes to think there are two sides to her. "I can be deep at times, and be like HA!". Showing your true colors, in that sense, and just being true to who you are will make you more likable and even relatable.


Check out all these and more in the latest issue of Metro, now out in major bookstores. Metro is available in bookstore and on newsstands for P150. Download the Metro Magazine app for access to all digital editions on your tablet or smartphone, available in Zinio, Android, and Apple App stores. Like Metro on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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