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Hot Stuff: 11 Winning Lines By Rex, Jon, and Kakai From “Extra Judicial Kidding"

Hot Stuff: 11 Winning Lines By Rex, Jon, and Kakai From “Extra Judicial Kidding

“Funny is the new sexy,” Kakai Bautista quipped, as she, impersonator extraordinaire Jon Santos, and stand-up comedian Rex Navarrete brought a thousand-strong crowd inside Newport Theater to endless laughter with their varying stints, spiels, and performances. There was Rex’s chronicles of his life as a Pinoy living in America, Kakai’s journey as a thespian, and Jon’s on-the-spot impersonation of Filipino personalities.

Here are our fave lines from their hilarious post-Valentine's show:

1. "Once the lechon arrives, everyone stops." – Rex Navarrete, explaining how much Filipinos love lechon, be it at a party or a funeral

2. "Eat too much, and it will lock and block your heart." – Rex on why he is very cautious of consuming too much chicharon bulaklak even when he loves the snack


3. "Buy one, take one, buy now, die later." – Jon Santos, dressed as Sen. Leila de Lima, on the flourishing business of funeral parlors nowadays

4. "The rest is not history, the rest is chemistry." – Jon, dressed as Sen. Leila de Lima, on the senator's relationship with Ronnie Dayan

5. "I will fight to love again!" – Jon, dressed as Sen. Leila de Lima, on fighting for her rights as a woman


6. "It is the greatest potluck [of words] ever!" – Rex, describing the diversity of the American English vocabulary

7. "America deserves utot from us. America is ready for utot!" – Rex, suggesting the next Filipino word that should be adopted by the American vernacular, after "kutis," "amok," and "bundok."

8. "Anyone who talks against us are hanged." – Jon, dressed as Imelda Marcos, giving her definition of" tokhang" during Martial Law.


9. "Hindi na kami Mocha Girls… Mocha Sisters of Change na kami!"Kakai Bautista, dressed as Mocha Uson, on the change of the Mocha Girls' identity after Uson's appointment as MTRCB board member

10. "Filipinos found love in two-way streets!" – Kakai, as herself, on how Filipinos deal with EDSA traffic nowadays, especially during Valentine's Day.

11. "Laughter happens when souls go out to play." – Jon, as himself, on why it is important for people to have a good dose of laughs.



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Photographs courtesy of Resorts World Manila




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