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Daily Diaries: 10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Nerd

Daily Diaries: 10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Nerd


By Katz Salao


If you’re stuck in a dating rut or wondering where greener pastures may be, do yourself a favor and give the nerd a chance. Yes, the nerd. The awkward dork obsessed with history or art or video games. That one friend who just knows random things and has eclectic interests that you sometimes don’t really get him.

The measure of coolness is no longer limited to just the sporty or the mysterious or the outgoing. Since the dawn of modern-day dating, the perfect guy can no longer just be gwapo, he must be unbelievably interesting, too—and that’s exactly what a nerd has to offer.

It’s 2017 and the standards have evolved, and so have “nerds.” Sure, they’re still socially awkward at times, but this new accepting world is now perfectly okay with their penchant for memorizing comic books or their liking for and being awesome at physics.

Their cuteness is so undeniable that we’ve even coined them “adorkable.” They’ve been quietly dominating the small and big screens, and now’s the time that they’re owning reality.

Now is the time to date the nerd!



The top reason why nerds make the best boyfriends:

1. NERDS ARE PASSIONATE. You know you’ll be absolutely, positively loved. When he loves, he loves whatever it is—video games, TV shows and fims, art or world history—with his whole heart. That’s what makes him a nerd in the first place! So, when he says he loves you, you should know that he’ll love you in the nerdiest but most passionate way possible.

2. THE NERD YOU SEE IS THE NERD YOU GET. He won’t feel the need to impress anyone, not even you. He’s as real and true and honest as can be. Real, true, honest—three traits of a great boyfriend, right?

3. YOU GET INTRODUCED TO A WHOLE WORLD OF NEW COOL THINGS. One common denominator among all nerds is they know things. Like, a lot of things. So by the transitive property (Ooh, math!), you’ll learn a lot of things, too. Who knows, he could even be the one to introduce you to something awesome that even you could nerd about.

4. YOUR NERD WILL NEVER JUDGE YOU FOR YOUR OWN NERDY CHOICES. A nerd is usually judged for the oddball things he obsesses over yet he’s perfectly okay with it. The beauty there is that he’s going to be totally accepting of whatever weird, quirky thing you secretly love.

5. THERE ARE NO GAMES WITH NERDS. Unless it’s Call of Duty or Batman: Arkham Knight, your boyfriend won’t waste time playing games with you. When he says things like “Do what you want” or “I don’t mind,” there’s no need to worry! Take it as it is—honest and straightforward.

6. A NERD “GETS THINGS.” Nerds try a little harder than most people to fi in, so they usually study human behavior. Boring, you say? Well, while other boys will run away when it’s that time of the month and you’re pissed at the world for no reason, your nerdy boyfriend has probably already read up on why that happens and will be ready with your chocolate ice cream and painkillers.

7. NERDS LOVE TO SOLVE PROBLEMS. Your boy won’t stop solving until he’s defied X or beaten the bossman on Level 95, so that applies to your relationship, too. A nerd won’t just want to “be okay” with you, he’ll want to understand your issues. He’ll find the perfect combo, so you won’t have to fight about it again.

8. A NERD IS LIKE A ROBOT WITH A MARSHMALLOW HEART. He likes structure. His brain is constantly filled with so many thoughts that you might sometimes feel like his heart is made of stone, but one of his greatest interests is you. Trust that he’s constantly thinking about how to make you feel as loved as you deserve. When the sweetness comes, it’ll all be worth it.

9. NERDS ARE INCREDIBLY FUNNY. A sense of humor in a partner is important, so you’re in for a treat! His intelligence is directly proportionate to his sense of humor. Watch out, you’ll get abs from all the laughing.

10. HE’S DIFFERENT IN AWESOME WAYS. You’ll have absolutely weird conversations, but, at least, nerds aren’t the usual douches or pa-cool dudes.


Nerds know how the world sees them—and, sometimes, it’s still not pretty. When you’re with one, you can be certain that he’ll never ever make you feel any less than you deserve. He’ll always be the first one to remind you that you’re beautifully perfect the way you are, no matter how awkward you see yourself.



11 dorks who we have fallen in love with in pop culture:

The entire cast of The Big Bang Theory— take it from Penny!

Olivia Munn She hosts gaming show Attack of the Show, cosplays, and speaks multiple languages. (She also played The Newsroom’s resident economics chick in the hit HBO series!)

Chris Hardwick Comedian, voice-over artist, and host, his brainchild is The Nerdist—a podcast that has grown into multiple things that make nerdy things look so cool.

McLovin The stereotypical lisping, spectacle-wearing scrawny kid with an attitude!

Gino Quillamor The Morning Rush DJ of RX 93.1 openly admits his love for Star Wars and everything dorky.

Alison Brie This adorable Community star is engaged to Dave Franco, who is also a dork!

Nikko Ramos Also one of the sporty guys, but this guy is hilarious—and not in a shallow way. He likes to know about a lot of things, and that’s where he gets his humor.

Thomas Middleditch Everything seems to be going wrong for Richard Hendricks on Silicon Valley that you want to shower him with love constantly. You haven’t seen the show? It’s adorkable heaven!

Emma Watson Her charm lies in the fact that her intelligence in wizardry and witchcraft also translates into real-life smarts.

Aaron Atayde He may be the all-around “jock,” but he’s damn proud of his knowledge of everything Star Wars (BFFs with Gino!), the latest video games, and, ladies, he played the alto saxophone in his high school band.



Mich, 21, shares the kilig way she fell for her geeky guy

I grew up with the typical “mutual understanding” relationships—supervised movie dates, late night calls and all. I thought my taste in guys was varied, but I realize now that they were all so similar. What was common: They were a lot like me and passed certain standards I’ve set. At least, the ones I thought I wanted. They played sports or were in a band. They’d go out on weekends with thousands of friends. (Okay, exaggeration. If you left them in a room full of strangers, though, they’ll find a best friend by the end of the night.) 

Girl Meets Boy

By college, I was kind of burnt out. I dated a lot—and it got tiring. It was almost the same kind of heartache with all of them. So, after my last boyfriend, I decided to stop dating for a while.

I got close to different kinds of people. In particular, to one guy who I couldn’t quite read. He was cute in a nerdy kind of way. He admitted he liked comic books and video games. He studied a lot, but also had time for friends. He knew all these fun facts and made all these weird comments. If I had been younger, I would’ve counted him out immediately because he wasn’t the typical “cool” guy—but he intrigued me because he made me laugh yet wasn’t flirty with me like other guys. I felt like he just genuinely wanted to be my friend, and I was cool with it because he was so interesting.

We started hanging out more often, and surprisingly I found myself being the one to ask him out to hang. I never saw it as a date, but we were usually alone. I’d still talk to him about guys I liked, and he would give me advice and just say go with the flow. The best part about him was that I’d see myself being at my absolute weirdest, and he’d still laugh.

It’s A Love Story

One day, he asked me to visit The Mind Museum, saying he had a spare ticket. When we got there, I felt different. He was still his dorky weird self, giving me lectures and showing me how things worked, but I saw him differently. I saw all the good in him—his kindness, his sense of humor, his gentlemanliness, his dateability!

So I jumped into it and finally asked if he wanted to go out with me. Yes, I asked him. We’ve been together for a year now. He said the only thing that stopped him from asking me first was he was scared to get rejected, and he didn’t date much. I really think that giving him a chance was an awesome decision, but “allowing” myself to like him was the best one I’ve made!



The Chalk verdict on dating the “nerd”

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” Applied to dating: If you keep dating the same kind of guy, you know what comes next. So, don’t. Date different. Try getting to know someone who can introduce you to a different world of magical creatures, mind-blowing facts, and something new.

Most important, however, date someone you want to. Your last relationship might’ve been such a story to tell, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only beautiful one you’ll ever have. The world, with its fact and fiction, doesn’t have to dictate the kind of guy you date based on the category you fall under. Give yourself a chance to be weird—and find the weirdo who’ll love you for it.

If life were a video game and you had only one round left, maybe it’s time to pick a new character. Good luck!


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